Messaging and the Future of CX


Messaging is everything right now. Our world is threaded together by conversations that happen across all the different apps that we use. The pandemic has further amplified this trend with Zendesk data showing a 50% surge in messaging-based support tickets over the last eight months. This also points towards a greater role for Conversational AI, as companies strive to deliver exceptional experiences for their customers. 

However, it is essential to maintain an optimal balance between human intelligence and AI and to use the right product for the right business scenario. Through the course of the webinar, we elaborated on how businesses like yours can get this balance right.

Watch this session to know how global brands are leveraging the combined power of Zendesk’s omnichannel solutions and Haptik’s Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs)  to deliver a seamless customer experience.

During this discussion, the speakers spoke about:

  • Scaling businesses by enabling a world-class omnichannel experience

  • Embracing Messaging to make your business future-ready

  • Leveraging Conversational AI to Enhance Customer Journeys

Who should watch:  

- Customer Service leaders and managers looking to ease Customer Experience

-Digital Transformation leaders looking to leverage IVAs to  improve customer journeys

-Marketing and Sales leaders looking to improve the conversion rate on all channels

-Product leaders and founders looking to integrate Conversational AI in their user journeys

Watch the session now for some great insights if you want to learn the best practices of  Messaging-centric customer support.