Solutions Showcase is a series of quick-bites to Haptik’s platform that allows businesses to experience different aspects and strategies to grow their business revenues and level up CX using AI-powered conversational solutions.
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Empowering Insurance Support with Conversational AI

A quick personalized solution is all customers want these days. In a digitally evolving post-pandemic world, delivering high-quality virtual support becomes very challenging for insurance brands. Explore how Conversational AI serves as a one-stop solution for insurance brands that helps them deliver 24/7 dynamic support with improved CX at scale.


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Watch this session and learn how Conversational AI empowers insurance brands to deliver top-class CX while improving lead generation and engagements.
Watch this session and explore some out-of-the-box bot features that drive CSAT scores, and offer a more personalized service experience to your customers.
Watch this session and learn how Conversational Commerce can personalize online shopping experiences for your customers and delivers the best CX possible.
Watch this session to learn how AI-powered Agent Assist enables live agents to deliver proper resolution in no time.