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Conversational AI, customer service chatbot, customer service, customer service automation

How Conversational AI can Automate Customer Service

Businesses have always had a robust customer support strategy. Contact centers have been at the center of this strategy for time immemorial. Customer expectations are rising and how! This puts brands under tremendous pressure (and opportunity!) to create hyper-personalized customer experiences to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

08 Apr 21

Whatsapp Chatbot, whatsapp business, whatsapp

What are the Features of WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp has transformed the way brands communicate with customers.The Customer Care and Commerce solutions offered by WhatsApp provide tremendous scope for brands to create engaging and meaningful conversations with their customers. In this blog, we understand the features of WhatsApp Business and how it can transform your CX.

11 Mar 21

Whatsapp Chatbot, Ecommerce Chatbot

Why your eCommerce brand needs a WhatsApp eCommerce Chatbot

If there’s one industry that can fully unleash the power of WhatsApp chatbot, that’s eCommerce! WhatsApp has been a channel that’s being leveraged by brands across different industries as a commerce, support, engagement tool.

23 Feb 21