The Ultimate Commerce & Support Solution for eCommerce Business


Customers today expect brands to meet their needs in a meaningful way and want brands to be available 24/7. No matter what you sell, give your customers an AI-powered shopping experience, build trust and drive higher conversions along with best-in-class support using Haptik’s Intelligent Virtual Assistant.

Ready-to-use Smart Skills

Provide an exceptional shopping experience to all your buyers with our pre-trained, ready-to-deploy Smart Skills. With Haptik’s ready-to-use eCommerce Solution, brands can save time without requiring to build their bot from scratch.

Pre-built conversation flows for order tracking, replacement, product recommendation, and returns.

Easily discover top intents with our Intent discovery tool to find the correct use cases for your brand.

eCommerce AI models with domain-specific intelligence to accurately comprehend the user's intent and offer contextual recommendations & assistance.

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Your Customers Aren’t on One Channel. They’re on All of Them.

An eCommerce Chatbot is an Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) powered with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities. It is designed to transform the digital shopping experience for customers while increasing revenue and reducing costs for eCommerce businesses. With in-built NLU (Natural Language Understanding) models, these chatbots enable eCommerce brands to convert visitors into paying customers and consistently provide 24/7 assistance to them.

Visit our eCommerce blog series to discover how companies can use Conversational AI to improve engagement and conversion across the eCommerce lifecycle.

Customer Acquisition

Proactively engage with users both old & new and drive repeat customers using intent-based notifications, add-on recommendations & more. 

Send notifications to your subscribers to promote your new collections, discounts, and offers.

Run proactive messaging campaigns based on user behavior, purchase history, page views, actions, and other conditions. 

Send cart reminders to bring back lost customers. Sometimes, carts are abandoned simply because customers forget about them! A virtual assistant can simply send a reminder message or prompt to the customer.

Conversational Commerce

Haptik’s Commerce Plus solution helps you connect with every single customer in a personalized way that establishes trust and nudges them to hit the checkout button, converting them into happy, loyal customers. 

Create ‘wow’ moments with personalized recommendations based on style, type, pricing budget, and other preferences

Haptik’s Intelligent Virtual Assistant can accurately determine where buyers are in their journey and evaluates opportunities within the conversation to up-sell & cross-sell.

Accelerate add-to-cart by showcasing valid recommendations backed by reviews and eliminate user indecision

Customer Care

Building an effective eCommerce Virtual assistant that significantly improves customer care can be complex, challenging, and time-consuming. Haptik brings you a ready-to-use eCommerce solution that accelerates time to value and enhances your CX within weeks

Pre-built conversation flows for order tracking, replacement, return along with a use-case discovery tool to find the pick the right use cases for your brand

Advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and eCommerce AI models embedded with domain-specific intelligence for accurate resolution and assistance

Easy no-code integration to your Knowledge Management System enabling top FAQs in your chatbot
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Power the entire customer journey with an AI-powered virtual assistant - from the first touchpoint to post-purchase support. Drive sales with AI-product recommendations, improve customer retention with best-in-class support, and drive an enhanced customer experience at scale.

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