Omnichannel, Personalised Shopping Experiences

Enhance purchase decisions with relevant recommendations, and enable live chat support at the point of sale. Replicate in-store assistance on your digital channels, using a multilingual voice assistant.

Smart Skills for Smart Shopping

Provide an exceptional shopping experience to all your buyers with our pre-trained, ready-to-deploy Smart Skills. These Smart Skills are trained to automate your upsell and cross-sell strategy, thereby boosting your revenue and saving costs. 

  • With 600+ pre-built intents, the IVA is designed to handle complex tasks with quick automated solutions

  • Readily available flexible, open API to build integrations with Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, shipping & inventory management tools, etc.

    Want to know how you can transform your ecommerce business for a smarter world with Haptik’s Smart Skills?


your sales

Sell smarter with highly personalized recommendations and expert-like guidance to convert visitors into happy, engaged customers.

support costs

Save up to 90% in customer care costs by automating common user queries augmented by smart routing to an advanced live agent system for complex queries.

Unlock new
sales channels

Amplify brand reach by connecting with customers across 40+ messaging channels, including Web, Mobile, Messenger, and WhatsApp.


Conversational Commerce

Make every website and app interaction count with our powerful recommendation engine that serves as an expert shopping assistant for your users. Strengthen purchase intent, influence buying patterns and deliver tailored shopping experiences that bring in more ROI.

Customer Care

Provide delightful post-purchase experiences and save up to 90% of customer care costs using our AI-driven Live Chat. Seamlessly respond to user queries such as Order Tracking, FAQs, Payment issues, etc. and automatically route complex issues to support agents, powering the right mix of technology and human skills.