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Haptik: The School of Dreams

This article has been penned by Yogesh Lad, Lead Analyst at Haptik.

17 Apr 20

Haptik Workculture

2019 at Haptik: A Decade in a Year

Around 16 months ago in August 2018, Swapan and I had a long chat about the future of Haptik, in turn discussing what we want to do with our lives.

31 Dec 19

Haptik Workculture

Internship Story: How Haptik Helped Me Become a Better Researcher

One can argue that finding a third-year UG psychology major in a tech company is about as likely as finding an alligator in your bathroom! Although the ‘soft’ sciences are increasingly being integrated into tech companies in the form of user experience research to improve HCI (Human Computer Interaction), most opportunities for this kind of role remain limited to Master’s or PhD students.

26 Aug 19