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Product Announcements, Conversational AI

Dissecting Conversational UI – An Infographic

Building a great chatbot experience requires a lot more than just well-written dialogue. It’s a combination of several elements that makes chat such an engaging, fluid experience.

12 Nov 18

Industry Viewpoint

Why Chat Trumps Video Advertising

Video ads have long been the reigning champs of the marketing world. But not today. The modern audience needs an engaging, personal angle in this oversaturated market where hundreds of brands are vying for their attention.

07 Oct 18

Industry Viewpoint, Fintech Chatbot

Chatbot in Banking – Examples, Best Use Cases and the Future

In this day and age, it’s our bankers, more than anyone else, who have taken Socrates’ advice seriously.

Banks have typically been early adopters of most new technologies that have gone on to achieve widespread commercial success.

09 Aug 18