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Haptik’s NLU is equipped with human-like empathy making it far more colorful than Yellow

Haptik’s NLP architecture is built on a combination of modules such as Language detection, ASR classification, Context Manager, that work in tandem with deep learning-based encoders to accurately understand natural language and handle user queries with higher precision. Haptik has achieved the highest global benchmark for identifying out-of-scope queries (EMNLP 2019 dataset). 


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Haptik’s obsession with being a product-first company ensures customer needs are always met, often anticipated. We maintain complete transparency with our customers, ensuring that every feature launch, both big and small is well communicated with our customers and armed with a stack of robust documentation, enabling customers to be updated with the product roadmap. 

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We always put our customers first, and this approach drives us to deliver exceptional work for our clients within the promised timeframe. From understanding your business requirements to enabling you to build best-in-class Virtual Assistants with proactive support, we help you at every stage of yourr Conversational AI journey, ensuring that you drive maximum ROI.

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When you invest in Haptik, you don’t just invest in technology but also in people who act as an extension of your team. Right from day 1, team Haptik is deeply involved in your Conversational AI journey and through constant collaboration with your team, we strive to help you achieve your goals. Our success lies in your success.

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