The State of WhatsApp Marketing 2024

WhatsApp is evolving and how! With Generative AI driving diverse use cases, WhatsApp is shifting from a customer engagement channel to an end-to-end customer experience (CX) channel.

This eBook is the No. 1 resource for Marketing, CX, and Growth leaders to elevate their WhatsApp marketing strategy in 2024.

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  • Latest WhatsApp marketing trends
  • Evolution of WhatsApp as a business platform
  • Streamlining lead generation, commerce, and customer support
  • Customer success stories on WhatsApp in collaboration with Jio Haptik
  • Best practices for WhatsApp business messaging
Must read for: Marketers, Growth Leaders, CX leaders, Advertisers, Performance Marketers, and Digital Marketers.

Make WhatsApp Your Primary Growth & Sales Channel