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Hundreds of businesses vouch for Haptik’s leading-edge Conversational AI engine along with in-depth analytics & world-class support. Enterprises and small businesses alike choose Haptik as their most preferred Conversational AI partner.

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G2 Recognizes Haptik as a Leader for Bot Platform & Live Chat



Why Haptik makes a better choice than Verloop

Haptik delivers capabilities beyond a basic chatbot and provides the complete Conversational AI solution that brands need to provide a 24/7 reliable, differentiated customer experience--at scale.

Haptik’s NLU is far more advanced than Verloop

Haptik’s NLP architecture is designed to offer human empathy and is built on a combination of modules such as Language detection, ASR classification, Context Manager. These modules work in tandem with deep learning-based encoders to accurately understand natural language and handle user queries with higher precision and accuracy. Haptik has achieved the highest global benchmark for identifying out-of-scope queries (EMNLP 2019 dataset). 


Choose actionable analytics over basic insights

Haptik’s power-packed analytics dashboard enables you with in-depth data enriched with bot breaks, topic clustering, and AI recommendations that outperform Verloop’s basic analytics dashboard which their customers have often cited as inefficient in understanding the full picture. Using Haptik, businesses can identify what users are asking for and add accurate utterances to improve the virtual assistant’s performance, which isn’t available with such precision on Verloop’s platform.


Choose speed & efficiency with Haptik

To Verloop, it’s still 2006 where chatbots take forever to load and reply. Slow loading time is not only unacceptable but can prove to be detrimental to your end customer experience. Choose a faster, more efficient, and fulfilling customer experience with Haptik’s intelligent virtual assistants that are poised with pioneering NLU technology along with seamless AI to Agent handoff ensuring instant support and world-class customer experience at every stage of the buyer’s journey.


Conversation design studio with in-built Smart Skills

Simplicity has been one of Haptik’s core values in building the product and our conversation design studio is a testament to our mission of keeping it simple. Haptik’s platform has pre-trained, battle-tested conversation flows called ‘Smart Skills’ which are specially designed for CX professionals to build AI-powered virtual assistants from scratch, with minimal to no coding. We also have a dedicated implementation team accompanied by an exhaustive library of documentation to aid customers at every stage of their Conversational AI implementation journey.

Conversation Design Studio

We're invested in your success, always

When you invest in Haptik, you don’t just invest in technology but also in people who act as an extension of your team. Right from day 1, team Haptik is deeply involved in your Conversational AI journey and through constant collaboration with your team, we strive to help you achieve your goals. Our success lies in your success


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