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Multilingual Chatbot: Driving Customer Engagement Globally

It is said that the language keeps changing every 100 miles you travel, irrespective of your demographics or direction. But, when it comes to expanding your business globally, you need to be capable of communicating in multiple languages no matter what your geographical location is. Businesses are now able to see the benefits of being multilingual while communicating with global customers as they expand their territories for revenue growth.

08 Jun 21

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Multilingual Chatbots Making Conversational AI Vernacular

2019 began with a report from Dentsu Aegis that highlighted three V’s that will drive digital media growth for the foreseeable future – Voice, Vernacular and Video.

Having already made considerable headway in the area of Voice bots, our team at Haptik turned their attention towards the second V – Vernacular.

24 Apr 19