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Industry Viewpoint, Ecommerce Chatbot

5 Reasons eCommerce Brands Made Chat Primary Customer Service Medium

Chat is the primary way people communicate today. They use messaging to socialise, evangelise and even publicise every single aspect of their lives.

28 Jan 19

Industry Viewpoint

Paid or Free Bots: 8 Questions To Help You Decide

With Conversational AI becoming an essential part of most business plans, and as a CMO/CPO, you’ve probably already considered getting a chatbot to manage some aspect of your business. This could be anything ranging from Customer Support to Lead Generation to Engagement to Collecting Feedback.

05 Dec 18

Haptik Workculture

I interned at Haptik for 3 months and here’s my experience!

This post is written by Divya Vikash, Android Developer Intern at Haptik. 

12 Aug 16