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Haptik’s AI Agent Assist empowers your customer service agents with the information they need to resolve queries more effectively and efficiently — while giving customers the speed and personalization they demand.

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proactive messages sent till date



increase in monthly active users



increase in abandoned cart recovery


boost in customer engagement

Be ahead of the game

Don’t wait for customers to contact you. Trigger real-time notifications on popular messaging channels like WhatsApp and SMS to build customer recall, influence buying decisions, and share relevant information when it matters the most. 

Proactive messages can be highly targeted and hyper-personalized with contextual communication that is relevant to the user.

Brands can set up one-time or create recurring bulk campaigns to expand their reach and amplify customer engagement. 

Notify your customers with periodic updates to keep them informed about orders, payments, and shipping updates.

image (106)
image (106)

Trigger Notifications on WhatsApp

Interakt- a product by Haptik that enabled brands to build campaign audiences based on customer events & trigger automatic WhatsApp messages when your customer takes an action (or doesn't!)

Elevate campaign performance with rich media and interactive message templates like Product Catalogs, List & reply buttons. 

Send non-transactional to re-engage with customers and send proactive messages to share new discounts & offers, back-in-stock alerts, pending cart reminders, and more.

Monitor and optimize campaign performance and track metrics like no. of messages sent, delivered, & read.

image (105)
image (105)

Recover your abandoned carts 

Regardless of how well-designed and connected your online shopping experience is, there will always be some shoppers who will leave their cart. On average, the shopping cart abandonment rate today stands at 70%. 

Proactive Messages can be effectively used to recover abandoned carts and improve conversion rates

Four out of five shoppers leave their carts before they buy anything. To keep those shoppers engaged, brands can retarget them by sending them recall cart reminder messages. 

An average user checks their WhatsApp 23 times a day. With WhatsApp’s exceptional open and click-through rates, you can engage your users when the intent to buy is high.


Improve conversion rates by grabbing user attention

To provide a superior buying experience it’s important for brands to build campaigns that trigger the right interest at the right time for their users and meet their needs. 

Add an additional layer of personalization based on user details and past user behaviour to build tailored campaigns that drive the highest engagement. 

By enabling two-way communication, customers can respond back to such campaigns and make impulse purchases that improve conversions.

proactive messaging improve conversions
proactive messaging improve conversions

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