Smart Skills

Enterprise-ready Smart Skills For High-Frequency Usecases

Explore 100+ ready-to-use Smart Skills with deep domain intelligence, crafted by Conversation Designers to help you build high-quality Intelligent Virtual Assistants for your business.

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Explore the Enterprise-Grade
Smart Skill Store

Seamlessly Design a virtual agent by importing from our comprehensive library of smart
skills derived from key learnings & best practices, custom-made for your industry.

Retail (1)


Everything from order tracking, shipping, exchange,  refunds, cancellations, recommendations, and more. 

Financial Lending

Financial Lending

Seamlessly deploy modular smart skills for common use cases such as account statement, balance check, application status, & more.



Import Smart-skills pre-trained on 1500+ intents ranging from bill payment, network issues, offers & coupons, balance check and more.



Tried & tested Smart Skills to automate common businesses use cases such as calculate premium, file a claim, buy/cancel policy, and lots more. 

DTH (3)


Build conversational experiences with pre-trained, re-usable, business-specific skills for device details, plan upgrades, and more.

Build a World-Class Virtual Assistant with Smart Skills

Accelerate your time-to-value with pre-built, domain-optimized, battle-tested Smart Skills, designed for the most common use cases for your industry.

Pre-designed Highly Intelligent Conversational Journeys

Customize Smart Skills to align with your business needs and quickly accelerate and scale your enterprise.

  • Cover the entire customer journey end-to-end
  • Built by Conversation Designers & Linguists
  • Pre-identified live agent handover trigger points
  • Designed to handle edge cases atop your ideal user journey

Industry-trained NLU

Built on deep learning & advanced NLP optimized for your industry and domain-specific customer segments.

  • 1500+ pre-trained intents and domain-specific entities
  • ML trained on 3Bn+ conversations across customer touchpoints.
  • In-built Named Entity Recognition (NER) engine to understand user intent and context better.

Conversational Data Augmentation

Build atop plug & play Smart Skills and amplify your virtual assistant's training data with key business integrations.

  • Sync your CRM and chat data

  • Integrate your business FAQs to improve the IVA’s automation rate for simple, routine queries.

Pre-built integrations with popular CRM and ERP systems

Integrate with 100+ CRM platforms and system of records using our native Python-based Code Editor. Seamlessly extend the IVA’s capabilities by using Haptik’s open, flexible APIs and Webhooks.