Smart Skills

Enterprise-ready Smart Skills for High-frequency use-cases

Explore 100+ ready-to-use Smart Skills with deep domain intelligence, crafted by Conversation Designers to help you build high-quality Virtual Assistants without starting from scratch.

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Explore our Enterprise-Grade
Smart Skills 

Seamlessly Design a virtual agent by importing smart skills derived from key learnings & best practices, custom-made for your industry after analyzing 3 million+ conversations.

Retail (1)


Track orders, shipping, exchange,  refunds, recommendations & more. 

Financial Lending

Financial Lending

View account statement, credit score, mortgage calculator, balance check, & more.



Bill payment, recommend data plan network issues, offers & coupons, balance check & more.



Calculate premium, file and track claims, buy/cancel policy, find nearby agent & more. 

DTH (3)


Device details, view and modify plans, request relocation, upgrade plans, fix errors & more.

Build Intelligent Virtual Assistant in minutes instead of hours

Accelerate your time-to-value with pre-built, domain-optimized Smart Skills, designed for the most common use cases for your industry.

Pre-designed Highly Intelligent Conversational Journeys


Customize Smart Skills to align with your business needs and quickly accelerate and scale your enterprise.

  • Cover the entire customer journey end-to-end
  • Built by Conversation Designers & Linguists
  • Pre-identified live agent handover trigger points
  • Designed to handle edge cases atop your ideal user journey

Industry-trained NLU

Built on deep learning & advanced NLP optimized for your industry and domain-specific customer segments.

  • 1500+ pre-trained intents and domain-specific entities
  • ML trained on 3Bn+ conversations across customer touchpoints.
  • In-built Named Entity Recognition (NER) engine to understand user intent and context better.

Conversational Data Augmentation

Build atop plug & play Smart Skills and amplify your virtual assistant's training data with key business integrations.

  • Sync your CRM and chat data

  • Integrate your business FAQs to improve the IVA’s automation rate for simple, routine queries.

Pre-built integrations with popular CRM and ERP systems

Integrate with 100+ CRM platforms and system of records using our native Python-based Code Editor. Seamlessly extend the IVA’s capabilities by using Haptik’s open, flexible APIs and Webhooks.