Linguist Pro

Never let language be a barrier


Build powerful multilingual virtual assistants with Linguist Pro to converse with your users in their preferred language. It combines translation with custom native module for better user experiences


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Deliver Multilingual Customer Experiences

Leverage Linguist Pro - Haptik's Hybrid Language model to deliver human-like conversations in your customer's preferred language with unmatched accuracy

French Chatbots | Hindi Chatbots | Spanish Chatbots | German Chatbots and more



Delight Customers with Multilingual Virtual Assistants



consumers rarely make purchases from English-only sites



consumers prefer content in their native language



consumers want to make purchases in their language

More Powerful than Native Language and Translation combined 

Bring the best of both worlds with custom language capabilities and deliver superior performance. Linguist Pro acts as a correction layer addressing translation gaps


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Cultural Nuances

  • Design Conversations to better manage colloquialisms with fully-configurable chatbot responses that can be customized based on how a business wants to communicate with users
  • Fully-configurable AI chatbot responses make multilingual customer interactions not prone to errors and independent of commonly used translation services

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Domain Specialization

  • Define custom translation pair of original and translated word with the glossary module to control and customize translation for different domains
  • Help your bot translate domain-specific words like जिओ to Jio instead of “live”

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Proper Nouns and Numbers

  • Custom Entity Extractor helps to power literal translations for proper nouns. This allows the AI-Chatbot to interpret “Sandesh” as a name instead of “message”
  • Custom translation module helps to captures numbers accurately and enable the AI-chatbot to Interpret numbers such as “247” as their true translation - “२४७”

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Win with Multilingual Virtual Assistants 

Explore how brands have uplifted Customer Experience with Multilingual AI-chatbot



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