Boost Agent Performance with AI Agent Assist

Haptik’s AI Agent Assist empowers your customer service agents with the information they need to resolve queries more effectively and efficiently — while giving customers the speed and personalization they demand.




of live chat, representatives had to access multiple systems to find the information they needed



of consumers worldwide consider issue resolution as their most crucial customer service concern



of consumers believe that a quick response from a service team can drastically improve their customer experience



Nearly of customers feel that long holds and wait times are the most frustrating parts of a service experience

Introducing Haptik’s AI Agent Assist

Ensure consistent responses and faster ticket resolution. Save time for both your agents and customers with Haptik’s AI Assist.

Agent Productivity-8

Improve agent productivity

Empower agents with the right information to handle fluctuating caseloads and offer the right support at all times — resulting in faster resolution and diminished time-per-interaction.

Reduce Agent Churn-8

Reduce Agent Churn

Give your agents the headspace & right information to solve user queries faster reducing the need to search for answers leading to higher productivity & retention.

Faster training & onboarding-8

Faster training & onboarding

Decrease the learning curve for your new agents and get them up to speed from day 1. Equip them with the right answers at the right time to deliver consistent brand experiences.

Happy agents = happy users-8

Happy agents = happy users

Enable your agents to save time over query research and equip your live agents with AI-powered resources to pre-empt user needs and solve issues faster, driving CSAT & NPS



AI-powered suggestions for improved agent productivity

Our AI engine evaluates and learns which agent responses drive the most positive customer reactions and surfaces them in the agent console based on conversational context. This not only ensures standard brand experience from agent to agent but also helps agents serve support best practices to drive better customer resolution.

  • Offer the right guided workflow from start to finish
  • Sentence-level composition to save time and relieve pressure on agents
  • Amplify agent responses with the best customer reactions, improving CSAT
  • Decrease customer churn 
  • Drive consistent brand experiences

Improve agent response time with Agent Facing AI

On busy days, agents get bogged down with multiple complex questions that they may not be equipped to handle immediately, such as, “track my order”, coupon code policy”, etc. causing them to look up for answers in the CRM tool or Knowledge Management software, resulting in delayed resolution and poor customer experience. Our AI engine automatically analyzes the support ticket and recommends the right help article/response from the company's data and chat transcripts, in real-time. 

  • No more toggling between tools and tabs
  • No need to manually search for key resources
  • Improved resolution time with better answers, delivered faster

Faster onboarding, lesser training time

Whether it’s day 1 for a new agent or an experienced agent’s first time supporting a new product or service, Haptik’s AI Agent Assist augments traditional training and provides guided learning & development. Our AI engine learns from customer interactions, frequently asked questions, and chat transcripts, and provides real-time training by prompting agents with the right answers when they need them. This results in higher agent productivity while also ensuring that questions will always be answered accurately in your brand voice.

  • Bring new agents up to speed with less human effort 
  • Real-time direction to help de-stress agents
  • Utilize your top performers’ skills to help agents who are still learning
  • Save training costs and skip the agony of never-ending training sessions 

FAQ virtual assistant for your agents

AI-powered virtual assistants don’t necessarily always have to be only for customers. The same technology that answers common questions on your website can answer common questions for your agents. Haptik lets you create FAQ bots that answer common questions for your agents too, increasing business-wide clarity and efficiency.

  • Equip your internal operations with quick answers
  • Improve transparency and clarity across your entire organization
  • Drive more agent efficiency and improved responses


Out-of-box Integrations with Industry-Leading Platforms

Haptik’s AI Agent Assist integrates with leading Live Agent Platforms to reduce agent response time with helpful data and winning responses



Save your Zendesk agents from busy hours and improve productivity by serving them relevant information at the right time. Augment the agent’s ability to solve queries and improve end-user experience using Haptik AI Agent Assist.



Using Freshdesk for your live agents? Make your agents’ lives simpler using AI Agent Assist that brings the combined wisdom of user conversations, knowledge base, and other resources to present the best answers, no waiting required.



Guide your Salesforce agents to deliver the most satisfying customer experiences using AI Agent Assist. Our AI evaluates past wins and surfaces the most relevant responses at every stage of the discussion, driving impressive resolutions.

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