Using Zendesk?

Up your CX game with the combined power of AI and humans 

Make Haptik your frontline of customer support and automate 80% of support queries, freeing up your Zendesk agents to focus on high-value, complex issues. 

24*7 Customer Support | 10+ languages | No learning curve | Improved NPS

Always-on Customer Support with Haptik + Zendesk

Haptik offers a zero coding deep integration with Zendesk, enabling on-demand, self-serve, automated support, along with friction-free live agent hand-off.

 Reduce Ticket Handling Time  |   Deliver immersive user- interactions

24/7/365 On-demand Support

For today’s customers’ speed is everything! Give your customers the support they expect by positioning Intelligent Virtual Assistants at the forefront of your Customer Service.

Uninterrupted User Experiences

Seamless customer handoff from AI to live agent in real-time. Agents can access the historical user data, chat transcripts, and past communication records within the same user face without disrupting the end-user experience. 

Auto-Ticket Creation

Haptik IVA automatically generates customer support tickets and syncs them with Zendesk's CRM system. No manual process required.

360-degree Customer View

Haptik's deep integration with Zendesk enables live agents to access past customer interaction data to resolve customer issues on the go!

Advanced NLU

Machine Learning trained on 3Bn+ conversations across customer touchpoints with 100+ Smart Skills containing pre-built, domain-specific intents, and entities. 

AI-powered suggestions for improved agent productivity

AI Agent Assist, an AI-powered virtual assistant that empowers agents with the information they need to resolve queries more effectively and efficiently. This AI-powered virtual assistant provides relevant recommendations to agents based on the company’s knowledge base, CRM tool, or previous agent replies, driving higher agent productivity & happier customer experiences.

  • Sentence-level composition to save time and relieve pressure on agents
  • Amplify agent responses with the best customer reactions, improving CSAT
  • No more toggling between tools and tabs
  • No need to manually search for key resources
  • Improved resolution time with better answers, delivered faster

5 powerful ways to make AI and Agents work together

Agents can get overwhelmed during periods of high ticket volume, holidays, or even as a company is growing and scaling. They need a helping hand—and not necessarily a human one.