Omnichannel Messaging with Zendesk Sunshine Conversations

Haptik’s Conversational Commerce AI through Sunshine Conversations’ omnichannel rich messaging interface gives your customers always-on access to tailored recommendations through chat.

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People today live in conversations.

Messaging apps are the primary communication channel for consumers today. Haptik seamlessly plugs into Zendesk Sunshine Conversations to help brands streamline support across multiple channels and provide two-way conversations that are natural, personalized, and contextual from one interaction to the next. 

Drive transactions across channels

Unify messages across channels and deliver consistent omnichannel experiences on messaging apps that your customers use every day.

Zendesk Sunshine Conversations supports every popular messaging app you can possibly think of.

Persistent Conversations and complete access to the entire conversation history across every channel.

Build once deploy everywhere - Easily integrate Haptik's Intelligent Virtual Assistant with Sunshine Conversations and unlock AI-driven automation on every messaging channel


Rich Messaging Interface

Use modern messaging to build interactive experiences that go beyond basic support. Powerful conversational UI elements to enhance user experience and improve resolution rate.

Easy commerce interactions with UI elements like pickers, in-message checkout, calendar, and carousels.

Ability to add custom web views within the Zendesk Sunshine Conversation chat interface.

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Seamless Integration with Zendesk Ecosystem

Haptik's deep integration with Zendesk Agent Workspace enables live agents to access past customer interactions and resolve customer tickets.

Haptik’s Intelligent Virtual assistant automatically routes conversations to live agents when necessary with complete visibility into the conversation history and user information.

Easy ticket creation with Zendesk Agent Workspace without writing any code.

With real-time customer data, agents can anticipate needs, resolve issues faster, and defer to a lower cost of the service channel.


AI-powered suggestions for Zendesk Agents

AI Agent Assist, an AI-powered virtual assistant that empowers Zendesk agents with the information they need to resolve queries more effectively and efficiently. 

No more toggling between tools and tabs. No need to manually search for key resources.

Sentence-level composition to save time and relieve pressure on agents. Amplify agent responses with the best customer reactions, improving CSAT.

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The combined power of Zendesk Sunshine Conversations & Haptik's Conversational AI guarantees an unparalleled CX for your brand -  that keeps your customers satisfied and agents happy. 

Schedule a demo with our Zendesk Integration Experts today to get started.