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The Integration That Helps You Sell Better & Faster

Zendesk Sunshine Conversations and Haptik together help you to sell anytime, anywhere. Bringing you the best commerce experiences with the convenience of messaging on popular social apps to help you increase your conversions and smash your sales targets.

2.4X Increase in Add-to-Carts
68% Repeat Sales Rate
4X Higher Return On Ad Spent
20% Increase in Average Order Value

Truly Omnichannel Buying Experience

  • circle-check Deliver personalized shopping experiences on all messaging apps to accelerate purchase journeys in an omnichannel world.
  • circle-check Answer questions using ChatGPT, recommend products, and even facilitate purchases on any channel of your choice.
  • circle-check Achieve higher conversions, more upsells & cross-sells, reduction in cart abandonment and notable revenue growth.
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Smarter and Faster Customer Support on Every Channel

  • circle-check Provide delightful and personalized support by proactively solving your customers’ problems on the channel of their choice.
  • circle-check Don’t wait for your customers to reach out. Be proactive and inform them about order statuses, delays and updates.
  • circle-check Provide buying guides that help customers during and after the buying experience to avoid confusion and increase C-SAT.
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Supercharge Your Zendesk Workspace

  • circle-check Haptik is deeply integrated in the Zendesk agent workspace resulting in a faster time to value enabling you to start your customer experience journey at a lightning fast speed.
  • circle-check Haptik’s virtual sales assistant sits inside your Zendesk tech to enhance it while avoiding data silos and ensuring ease of use.
  • circle-check Enable a smooth commerce and support experience for your teams with seamless bot to agent hand-off, auto-ticket creation and ticket based personalization.
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How Latercase Increased Its Conversion Rate to 70% Within 2 Months

  • circle-check Latercase partnered with Haptik & Zendesk Sunshine to launch a website chatbot providing product discovery end to end commerce resolution to their users.
  • circle-check Users can now explore products quicker with help of personalised recommendations.
  • circle-check Haptik’s Interactive UI led to an add-to-cart conversion of 20% (Industry average is 13%).
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Drive Revenue & Delight Your Customers

That’s the deal you get with Haptik + Zendesk Sunshine Conversations


End-to-End Commerce Capabilities

Get access to Haptik’s end-to-end commerce capabilities. Send tailored recommendations to users at the right time in their buying journey and boost your conversion rates.


Faster Funnel Conversions

Reduce drop-offs and improve funnel conversions by offering your customers a seamless omnichannel buying experience through a virtual sales assistant.


Reduction in Cart Abandonment

Reduce drops offs and recover abandoned carts by nudging users to complete the purchase by offering personalized discounts and product recommendations.


Higher Sales & Customer Satisfaction

Reach your revenue goals and increase your CSAT scores through meaningful conversational experiences that accelerate the purchase journey.

Launch Your Zendesk Virtual Assistant in Minutes