Haptik’s Salesforce Chatbot


Upgrade your Salesforce live chat with Haptik’s powerful chatbot integration services and amplify CX, like never before.

Haptik offers zero coding chatbot integration services with Salesforce. Now enable top-class automated support along with friction-free Live Agent hand-off using Salesforce Chatbots. 

Deliver automation-first customer experience with Salesforce Chatbot Integration


Integrate a Salesforce Chatbot to notch up your CSAT scores by quickly resolving more than 80% of support queries/requests.

Allow Salesforce Chatbots to solve common user queries in no time, and let your Live Agents focus on high-priority critical issues.

A one-stop plug-and-play chatbot integration service to deliver the best-in-class live chat support to your customers.

24/7 Sales and Support with Salesforce Bots

Use Haptik’s Salesforce Chatbot as the first line of support and automate answering FAQs, collecting key user information, and slide tickets from one single interface.

  • Establish Omnichannel support including Whatsapp, Facebook, SMS, Twitter, and others 
  • Improve First Response Time 
  • Maintain 360-degree customer view

Route High-Value Queries to Salesforce Live Agents

Leverage Salesforce Chatbots for seamless customer handoff from AI to live agent in real-time. Live Agents can access historical user data, chat transcripts and chat context from a single interface.

  • No toggling between systems 
  • No additional agent training required
  • Update users with their wait queue position

Hyper-Personalized Customer Conversations

Salesforce chatbots leverage existing user information stored in the CRM to identify and engage with users proactively, making the conversation more personalized than ever. No need to ask endless or repetitive questions after Salesforce Chatbot Integration.

  • Smooth flow of information between platforms
  • Improved CSAT & NPS 
  • Intelligent Contextual Understanding

Automatic Case Creation with Salesforce Chatbot

Automatically transfer user interactions like inquiries, service requests, etc. as Cases in your CRM. Salesforce Chatbots automatically share ticket details with customers to increase transparency and build trust.

  • Easy-to-fetch reference logs for analysis
  • Single point for data consolidation
  • No manual efforts required from agents