How CEAT tailored a ‘Frictionless’ Customer Experience using AI

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CEAT needed a smart and creative way to meet our customer’s high expectations, especially on a platform they already use and love.  WhatsApp is the most convenient and easy-to-use platform for customers to interact with brands today. Haptik gave us the ability to create a robust AI-powered WhatsApp Assistant that truly understands user intent. It has allowed us to give our customers more convenience and at the same time give us quality leads.  I want to thank the Haptik platform and team for their relentless support in making this happen.

— Mahesh Soni, Sr Lead Digital Channel Experience, CEAT

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CEAT, established in 1958, is one of India’s leading tyre manufacturers. It has six manufacturing locations across India and a strong reach in global markets, with exports to more than 100 countries. CEAT produces over 35 million high-performance tyres, catering to a wide range of vehicles, including tyres for 2 / 3 Wheelers, Passenger Vehicles and Utility Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles, and Off-Highway Vehicles

As an industry leader in quality, innovation, and digital transformation, CEAT has long prided itself on providing best-in-class experiences for its customers and has delivered multiple digital-first solutions to eliminate friction points in customer journeys. 

To elevate the experience further, and to embody their mission of delivering 1:1 personalized automated support, CEAT selected Haptik to build a WhatsApp Chatbot. 

Here are some of the challenges that CEAT wanted to address with a WhatsApp chatbot: 

- Providing instant customer support for simple repetitive tyre purchase/ tyre care questions and seamlessly redirect complex queries to agents
- Enabling users to seamlessly register & track complaints 
- Reduce support wait times and improve query resolution time
- Collect high-quality leads through AI-powered conversations to improve conversion rate
- Expand brand presence with effective communication to its users on their most preferred messaging channels --  WhatsApp
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CEAT partnered with Haptik to build an AI-powered chatbot making them the only player in the industry to deploy a conversational AI solution to deliver 1:1 personalized customer support. CEAT’s WhatsApp chat bot primarily helps with: 

-Bringing in additional revenue for the brand via lead generation
-Driving enhanced customer experiences with personalized recommendations 
-Provides a dedicated channel for customers to log & track complaints
-Promoting special offers and discounts
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