Advanced Natural Language Understanding


Make your customer interactions sound natural and human with GPT chatbots that understand sentiment and intent behind each user query and generate contextual responses.

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Winners in the Conversational AI Economy

At the most prestigious EMNLP 2020 conference, Haptik bagged honors for the best performance in identifying the correct Intent on real users' conversation dataset - HINT3.

Tailormade NLU Models for Your Industry

Use our industry-specific intelligence to build the most superior bots that understand your customers and crush your competition like never before. 

Industry experts at eCommerce, Telecom, Insurance, Mortgage & Gaming

Understand the brand, service, and industry-specific terms 

Machine learning trained on 4Bn+ conversations across touchpoints
100+ ready-to-use conversational flows as Smart Skills

Tailormade NLU models
Tailormade NLU models

Discover Intents from Existing Resources and Build Your Bot Instantly

Simply put, intents are the intentions behind messages that your customers send which helps you train your bot. With Intent Discovery, you can use your existing information sources to identify such intents and instantly build your bot without doing any guesswork.

Leverage past chat records and live agent conversations 

Identify use-cases from your support tickets 

Sync information from your Knowledge Base to train your bot 


Context is King in Conversations

Empower your customers to engage in free-flowing & personalized conversations with your brand by retaining the context in the following ways:-

Understanding users’ previous messages to retain the context 

Allowing users to easily switch between multiple conversation flows and FAQs

Storing user details like Name, Email ID, Phone number, etc. for future conversations 


Never Let Language Be a Barrier with Linguist Pro

Converse with your users in their preferred language with unmatched accuracy and deliver unparalleled customer experiences. 

20+ languages including French, Spanish German, Bahasa, Hindi & others 

Custom Glossary module for domain specialization

Fully configurable bot responses  to manage cultural nuances

Custom Entity Extractor to accurately capture proper nouns and numbers

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What Makes our Natural Language Understanding Stand Out from the Rest?

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Smart Assist

Ask for relevant clarifications when users ask questions with multiple overlapping intents and drive users back into the conversation without transferring it to an agent. 

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Smart Variants

Automatically add additional positive & negative training data to improve precision & recall on your customer messages.

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AI Recommendations

Enhance your bot intelligence post-go-live by using automatically identified new trends & patterns in your customer queries that can improve existing training data.

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Haptik AI: Innovation Must Never Stop

Innovation and disruption have always been the key to Haptik’s success. Our team showed incredible persistence in between all the chaos and challenges by putting in continuous effort into research and development to push conversational AI boundaries. Read our blog to learn more.