Advanced NLU

The Most Cognitive AI Solution for Enterprises

Bringing the combination of advanced natural language understanding and human-like empathy to deliver precision at scale. 

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Herculean AI with Human-like Understanding

Industry-specific AI models embedded with domain-specific intelligence, data dictionaries & taxonomies, trained on thousands of user utterances to deliver human-like conversational experiences at scale. 

NLU designed for Perfection

Haptik’s NLP architecture is built on a combination of modules such as Language detection, ASR classification, Context Manager, that work in tandem with deep learning-based encoders to accurately understand natural language and handle user queries with higher precision.

  • Achieved the Highest global benchmark (EMNLP 2019 dataset) for identifying out of scope queries

  • In-built contextual spell corrector, adversarial training, context retention further fuel accuracy of the NLU

Humanizing AI with Smart Assist

Users often ask queries with multiple intents, sometimes causing the IVA to break. In such scenarios, Smart Assist engages the customer with relevant recommendations closest to their query, driving them back into the conversation. It avoids routing the chat to a live agentthereby saving costs and enhancing user experience.

  • 35% reduction in user abandonment
  • Saved costs ranging up to $15,000 per annum.

Get Advanced Training Feedback

Build high-quality IVAs that deliver a superior customer experience using Advanced Training Feedback. 

This mechanism automatically detects and flags:

  • Overlapping intents.
  • Limited or low quantity of training data. 
  • Data sanity issues such as duplicate intent data, strikingly similar use-cases of creating intents, and more

Tailormade NLU Models for your Industry

Pre-built industry AI models embedded with domain intelligence (ontology) for specific industries. 

  • 1500+ pre-built, domain-specific intents, and entities
  •  ML trained on 3Bn+ conversations across customer touchpoints.
  • In-built Named Entity Recognition (NER) engine to understand user intent and context better.

Go Live with 100+ Languages

Communicate with your users in the language they’re comfortable with using Haptik’s Multilingual feature. Transcend beyond basic Google Translation and build truly powerful multilingual IVAs.

  • Custom glossary to accurately understand domain-specific terms.
  • Native modules for entity recognition.
  • In-built text cleanup layer to help with correction and ensure accuracy in translation.

Retain IVA Accuracy & Scale with Multi-Task Learnings

Perform Intent & query detection, answerability prediction & more, within a single task using Haptik’s open-source multi-task learning toolkit. Improve IVA accuracy with Spell-O, a contextual, deep domain knowledge specific spell corrector that understands users and helps the IVA to respond accurately despite spelling errors/typos in user queries.

Empathize with your Customers using Sentiment Analysis

Advanced NLU capabilities and deep-learning models to automatically detect user query repetition, negative feedback, broken user experiences, cuss words, and IVA repetition. Sentiment analysis helps deliver exceptional automated conversational experiences without undermining personalization in your brand voice.