Omnichannel Engagement at Scale


Customer expectations are higher than ever. Give your customers the experience they deserve, wherever they are.

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Break Down Communication Silos by Going Omnichannel

Empower customers to engage with your business on any channel and any device they prefer, thereby driving higher customer satisfaction.

Build Once Deploy Anywhere

Easily streamline your support across multiple channels and provide two-way conversations that are natural, personalized, and contextual from one interaction to the next.

Minimize customer effort and deliver efficient customer experiences while maintaining a unified and consistent brand voice across marketing, sales, service, and support.

Seamless Native & Web SDK Integrations

Objective C and Java framework to supercharge your iOS, Android, or Web app with AI-powered virtual assistants.

  • Easy integration - plug & play.

  • Accelerate time to market.

  • Seamless, uninterrupted experiences across different browsers and devices.

Free Customers from Phone Trees with IVR to Messaging

42% of customers prefer live chat over any other contact channel. Give your customers the experience they deserve with IVR deflection to messaging.

  • Reduce wait times from minutes to seconds
  • Improve first response time by switching support to SMS or WhatsApp chat.
  • Easily configure with existing IVR systems such as Genesys, Avaya, Zendesk, Freshcaller, Cisco, and more.

Optimize User Engagement with Customizable UI & CSS

Create fully customizable chat windows for Android, iOS, and Web. Extend conversational functionalities with Haptik’s Javascript SDK.

  • 100+ UI elements such as image carousels, quick replies, multi-option forms, emojis, attachments, and lots more.
  • Configurable HTML, Javascript, and CSS to build your own custom functionality 
  • Limitless design options to put your branding center stage.

Bot as an API

Continue using your own chat-interface and add Haptik’s NLP as an intelligence layer to devour the combined power of automation and live agents. Seamlessly send messages and receive responses using Haptik’s plug & play Bot as an API via webhooks.

  • Successful integration including testing in < 7 days.

  • Highly flexible and modular so you don’t have to give up your existing live chat tool.