How Sentiment Analysis in Virtual Assistants Facilitates Service Recovery


In order to unlock the true potential of Conversational AI to deliver great CX, it is crucial for brands to know how their customers feel during their engagement with the business.
Sentiment Analysis is what enables a virtual assistant to determine the emotion behind a customer’s message an added layer on top of it’s Natural Language Understanding (NLU) engine, which gives it the ability to decode the ‘mood’ of a user through analyzing speech patterns and sentence structure.
According to an Opus Research Survey, 72% of brands trust in sentiment analysis to enhance customer experience. The ability to gauge how their customers feel about their experience with the brand is very useful when it comes to facilitating service recovery i.e. taking steps to turn negative customer experience into a positive one, thus potentially converting dissatisfied customers into happy customers and even brand loyalists.
This e-book will highlight how AI-powered virtual assistants equipped with Sentiment Analysis can aid businesses with service recovery, with a focus on four key use cases:
  • Real-time course correction
  • Evaluating customer care staff
  • Customer feedback & process improvement
  • Measuring customer satisfaction

For actionable insights on how your business can leverage sentiment analysis through Conversational AI to facilitate service recovery and drive CX, fill in the form and download your e-book now!


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