Redefining Retail with WhatsApp Commerce


There are more than five million businesses using WhatsApp Business.


Between WhatsApp’s expanding capabilities and scope, and the move towards conversational commerce and ‘contactless’ shopping, WhatsApp Commerce is certainly poised to be the next big thing for brands.


WhatsApp Commerce is the most effective way for retailers to connect with their customers. The ease of conducting business on WhatsApp is enabling enterprises to replicate the in-store retail experience for their buyers.


Over the years, the way people have shopped has changed dramatically, and it is crucial for businesses to stay on top of these developments and ensure that they are ready to engage on the platforms where their customers will be. 


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  • How WhatsApp is at the center of  Conversational Commerce
  • How to get started with your commerce journey on WhatsApp
  • Building a robust conversational commerce strategy on WhatsApp
  • Embracing “Contactless Shopping” with WhatsApp

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  • Digital Transformation/Innovation Leaders
  • Customer Experience Optimization Experts
  • Product Managers

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