Customer Experience Transformation for Insurance: An Expert Guide


Insurance is a serious and complex subject, and customers understandably want to leave no stone unturned while safeguarding against any eventuality. They require assistance at every stage of their journey - from access to information to evaluate plans & policy options pre-purchase, to post-purchase support while managing their policies and availing benefits. And increasingly, they demand all of this instantly, and in as seamless a manner as possible.
While conventional approaches to customer engagement have not been able to match these expectations, recent years have seen the increased adoption of a powerful new technology to address the aforementioned customer experience issues - Conversational AI.
This guide will explore:
  • Common customer experience challenges in the insurance sector.
  • How Conversational AI helps insurers address these challenges and elevate their customer experience.
  • The benefits of integrating AI Assistant solutions with the insurer’s internal systems and digital touchpoints.
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