How Virtual Assistants Enhance CX with Clearer Conversations

61% of customers across the globe would switch brands if faced with poor customer experience (CX). In fact, one of the key reasons why businesses implement Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) solutions is to enhance their CX and boost customer retention. It is therefore crucial to ensure that IVA’s are equipped with the capabilities to meet those goals.


A good IVA should not lead customers to failing conversations. Instead, it should understand user intent, ensure that the conversation stays on track, and ensure that the customer has a positive experience with the brand.


As part of our continuous efforts to enhance the customer experience delivered by our IVA solutions, Haptik recently added a new feature to our Natural Language Understanding (NLU) engine – Disambiguation.


This whitepaper shall serve as a quick guide to Disambiguation, and how it enables IVAs to enhance CX by ensuring clearer conversations with customers.


Who should read this:

  • Customer Experience leaders looking to maximize customer convenience and delight.
  • Digital Transformation leaders looking to leverage cutting-edge technology to optimize business operations and improve brand experience.
  • Product Owners focused on building optimal user experiences.

What you will learn:

  • How ambiguity in conversations between IVA’s and users leads to poor customer experience.
  • How the Disambiguation feature helps clarify user intent
  • How Disambiguation enhances the effectiveness of IVAs and leads to positive customer experience.