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Customer Experience Trends - 2021

Consumer behavior is evolving. Forward-looking brands already recognize the importance of enhancing customer experience to meet the ever-growing customer expectations. However, upgrading customer experience is not as easy as it sounds. Digital transformation initiatives to augment customer delight are increasingly becoming a strategic priority of the CxOs globally, however, all industry leaders are asking few common questions like, how to determine if the business is ready for AI technology adoption, how to strike balance between technological capabilities and the cost, and how to measure the success of the customer experience initiative?

This ebook shares the learnings and experiences of a diverse set of CxOs as a part of their journey to identify feasible, realistic solutions to solve the challenge of repairing a broken customer experience and scaling high-volume customer queries with AI Automation.

This expert guide covers:
  • Insights on emerging CX trends and their impact on strategic priorities of CxOs.
  • Expert predictions on how consumer behavior and expectations are going to evolve in the next 5 coming years.
  • 5-step playbook any CxO can follow to build a successful CX Transformation Initiative.
  • Key metrics to evaluate the success of a project.


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