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Business Leaders' Guide to Conversational Commerce Platforms

Conversational commerce can enable businesses to reach more customers, increase customer satisfaction and reduce cost to serve, boost revenues from existing customers. In this document, we define conversational commerce and follow a data-driven approach to identify conversational commerce platforms with the largest market presence.

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  • Executive Summary: Retailers should leverage the full power of conversational AI in e-commerce marketing & customer service.
  • Rationale: Conversational commerce enables increased reach, customer satisfaction & revenues while reducing e-commerce firm costs.
  • Methodology: Conversational commerce includes conversational AI & e-commerce marketing capabilities. We selected vendors with enterprise experience providing conversational commerce capabilities
  • Results: Currently, we identified Haptik as the only vendor targeting the full scope of e- commerce marketing capabilities

Must Read for: Customer Service Leaders/Managers, Digital Transformation Leaders, Marketing/Sales, Product experts, Founders.