How Global Brands Are Elevating Customer Experience with Conversational AI


Customer experience (CX) has become a critical differentiating factor for brands across verticals. According to Gartner, over two-thirds of brands are competing primarily on the basis of CX, while a study by PwC has revealed that 32% of customers are ready to abandon a brand after a single negative experience
Long wait times for customers, inefficient support operations, and lack of personalized attention are among the common customer experience challenges that businesses continue to face. And to address these, enterprises across verticals like Financial Services & Insurance, eCommerce and Telecom, among others, have increasingly been relying on one powerful technology - Conversational AI.
Global brands like Zurich Insurance, Jio and Tata Mutual Fund, have successfully leveraged Haptik’s Conversational AI platform to achieve tangible improvements in CX, from offering 24/7 access to customer care, to ensuring instant resolution of customer issues, and more. We’ve put together some of these success stories, across verticals, to highlight the crucial role that Conversational AI played in the customer experience strategy of these brands.
Key Takeaways:
  • The customer experience use cases that are most suitable for Conversational AI automation.
  • How brands measure success, and what metrics are directly impacted by the Conversational AI solution.
  • The results of the implementation and its positive impact on the brand.
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