Implementing Conversational AI: What Insurance Brands Should Keep in Mind


71% of insurance executives believe that customers will prefer interacting with an insurance chatbot over a human agent by 2021, according to Genpact.


Artificial Intelligence is no longer a ‘future’ trend but a vital resource for the insurance sector in the here and now. And one AI technology, in particular, deserves special attention, given its tremendous potential to redefine customer engagement and drive ROI at every stage of the cycle – Conversational AI.


However, there are insurers who are still evaluating whether to implement a Conversational AI solution as they try to gain a better understanding of the impact it can create for their business. 


This playbook will serve as a comprehensive guide to insurers looking to implement Conversational AI for their businesses, highlighting certain key features of the technology, namely:

  • Omnichannel presence
  • Swift and seamless systems integrations
  • Real-time conversational analytics
  • Pre-built AI templates for insurance use cases
  • Live agent chat support

For actionable insights on how insurance brands can get started with Conversational AI.


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