Conversational AI for Financial Services: An Expert Guide


According to Cognizant, 74% of financial services executives believe that AI is extremely important to the success of their companies; while Juniper estimates that AI-powered chatbots will save $7.3 billion for banks by 2023.

Conversational AI is a technology that financial services providers have been eagerly implementing, not just for the tremendous cost savings, but also for its ability to engage customers and address their needs in a faster and more efficient manner.

However, while there is a great deal of optimism about Conversational AI, financial services brands are still at a relatively early stage of understanding its true potential to transform the way they do business.


This playbook will serve as a comprehensive guide to Financial Services brands to help them:

  • Get started with Conversational AI
  • Know the key features to look out for while evaluating AI Assistant solutions
  • Understanding the benefits of Conversational AI implementation through success stories of financial services brands using AI automation to reduce costs and drive lead generation

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