Build your bots instantly with Intent Discovery

Identifying the intents or intentions behind customer messages is the most critical step in building your bot. With Intent Discovery, use your existing knowledge sources to understand such intentions with precision to expedite your bot-building journey from day 1.


Past chat records to build your bot

Your brand has been having conversations with customers way before your new AI chatbot. Use your past chat records to build use-cases that have already been asked in the past. 

  • Prioritize the topics that need the most assistance today and add them to your bot
  • Use records of past agent conversations
  • Save time without requiring to build your bot from scratch

Support Tickets to enhance bot training 

Your support tickets comprise the most giant pool of customer queries. Untap its true potential with Intent Discovery and training your bot for all past support queries. 

  • Eliminate guesswork in building your first bot 
  • Instantly add training data by importing tickets in a CSV format
  • Out of the box integrations with Zendesk & Salesforce

Existing Knowledge Base to empower bot learning

Use the plethora of existing information within your Knowledge Base to answer a vast range of customer queries by suggesting relevant articles. 

  • Unify your customer experience across tools with consistency in information 
  • Improve resolution rate for new incoming queries 
  • Easy no-code integrations 

Intent Discovery is the quickest way to build your bot
with accuracy at scale


Discover what matters most to your customers

Analyze all your past interactions with customers in the form of tickets, chat records & knowledge base to understand your customer needs & prioritize for your bot training.

Reduce bot training overheads

Eliminate the hard work & endless hours required to train your first bot. Empower your team to just review your use-cases and conversation flows with a bird’s eye view of all training data.

Achieve faster time-to-value

Hit the ground running from Day 1 of your journey with Haptik by using existing information resources and go live with your bot in just a few days, if not hours.