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Haptik is one of WhatsApp’s leading partners globally, enabling customer care and conversational commerce for over a billion users of the app.

How Enterprises Use WhatsApp for Business

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Power your business growth with official WhatsApp APIs  

  • Self-serve WhatsApp Business Account Setup
  • Shared WhatsApp Inbox for teams
  • Automated WhatsApp Broadcast 
  • Contacts Management and more

The Call Center of the Future

Use WhatsApp as a channel to get your queries resolved 9x faster and with 80% greater operational efficiency than on call. You can also achieve 70% open rates by enabling instant IVR deflection.


Recommendations that Drive Transactions

Share personalized user-specific product recommendations, important alerts, discounts, and seamlessly, sell —all while saving time, money and human resources. You can also prompt customers to share their real-time location to enhance delivery.


Deflect Traffic from Costlier Channels to WhatsApp

WhatsApp enjoys an open-rate of around 70%. Seamlessly re-route high volumes of incoming support queries from call centers to WhatsApp. Chat with your prospects and customers and resolve queries 24*7, significantly bringing down operational costs.


Enterprise-grade Long Term Strategic Partner

Haptik has enabled the world’s largest WhatsApp chatbot ever built for the Government of India with over 25 million users. The company’s largest shareholders are Reliance Jio, who in turn count Facebook as one of their strategic investors.

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