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Whatsapp - commerce
Whatsapp - commerce
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 WhatsApp Commerce for Better Shopping Experience

Build contextual buyer journeys for your customers with WhatsApp Commerce to make the shopping experience hassle-free. 

Personalize Shopping Experience | Reduce Cart Abandonment| Increase Order Value | Recommend Products | Target Repeat Purchases | Cross-sell and Upsell

What can you do with WhatsApp Commerce?

  • Order Placement 
  • Shipment Tracking 
  • Schedule Replacement and Refunds
  • Answer Payment Queries 
  • Run Loyalty Programs
  • Easy Payments on WhatsApp 
  • Feedback Collection 
  • Product Ratings and Reviews 

WhatsApp as a Personal Shopping Assistant

  • Automate pre-purchase queries to provide buying guidance and increase transactions
  • Improve Order Conversion Ratio and Cart Value with AI-powered recommendations based on past shopping history and contextual prompts
  • Build user trust by offering product comparisons, discount coupons.

Stronger Customer Loyalty to drive repeat purchases

  • Enable recovery and reordering with powerful intent detection technology
  • Schedule reminders and alerts to contextually upsell products
  • Protect customer account and transaction details with WhatsApp’s End-to-end encryption 
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