What is a Fintech Chatbot?

Gone are the days when artificial intelligence was a buzzword or something that was good to have. It is now very much a must-have technology to redefine operational performance for brands dealing in finance and investment management sectors. Domain-intelligent fintech chatbots help finance industries kickstart the new age service delivery enabling seamless integrations into all leading CRMs, live chat systems, etc.

A Fintech Chatbot is an AI-powered virtual assistant designed to serve the needs of the customers seeking finance-related support and services, providing omnichannel assistance across all digital platforms.

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Why Use a Fintech Chatbot for Your Business?

The evolving customer experience sets higher standards for financial service brands to deliver faster resolutions, reduce wait times and augment the customer engagement curve. While businesses adopt new technologies in 2021, fintech industries prefer to dote on AI-powered Fintech Chatbots that reinforce the financial service experience for end-users.

Fintech Chatbots help financial service brands resolve 90% of the repetitive customer queries end-to-end, improve the NPS and CSAT scores, and save millions on annual operational costs. 




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How Fintech Chatbots benefit Brands?

With generational evolution in the clientele, the growth of fintech industries is majorly dependent

on the accelerated use of cognitive AI technologies backed up with domain-ready Fintech Chatbots

Let’s take a look at what benefits financial service brands draw using the power of Fintech Chatbots.




Customer Support

Fintech Chatbots establish efficient customer support by resolving a variety of finance-related queries and transactional discrepancies. As a result, financial service managers put these chatbots to the front-line of all customer touchpoints, so that common queries like reviewing an account, handling a refund, renewing a policy, reporting lost cards, payment issues, etc can be resolved in no time.



In addition to dealing with a variety of customer queries, Fintech Chatbots are capable of advising customers on their financial health and investment pattern. Leading global brands in the financial service sector leverage these chatbots to proactively educate customers by keeping a track of their accounts, analyzing their spending habits, and encouraging them to use self-serve portals for immediate resolution.



Chatbots allow financial institutions to automate monotonous customer service requests without any scope of human error. Some of the common user tasks automated by Fintech Chatbots include queries related to invoice generation, clearing payments, policy status, loan application, etc. Integrating these chatbots into the financial helpdesks reduces the support-ticket volume and increases conversion rates for businesses.



Financial organizations offer a wide range of products and services to customers. With all the customer data collected in one place, Fintech Chatbots can proactively recommend personalized offers and services tailored to each customer. Products and services suggested by Fintech chatbots based on a customer’s interest and historical purchase trend, increase the up-selling opportunity for business development teams.

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Haptik's Fintech Chatbot Case Studies

As a global leader in Conversational AI technology, Haptik has implemented Fintech Chatbot solutions for a number of leading financial service brands. Haptik’s AI-powered full-stack Conversational AI platform enables brands to comprehensively solve business problems end-to-end, and at scale.

Here are some of our success stories in the Fintech sector:





One of the world’s largest brands in financial and insurance services, needed a solution to transform their customer care experience and make it as frictionless and easy-to-access as possible. Learn how Haptik’s Fintech Chatbots seamlessly resolved 70% of Zurich’s inbound customer queries end-to-end.





One of the most diversified financial services companies in India, IIFL serves over 4 million satisfied customers across various financial segments and delivers an excellent financial service to its expanding customer base. Explore how Haptik helped IIFL reduce its operational cost and improve its business.

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Haptik's Fintech Chatbot Integration

The inclusion of AI-powered Fintech Chatbots establishes a 24/7 on-demand support desk that ensures round-the-clock assistance to customers, enables zero-coding integrations into existing CRMs or Live Chat systems, and delivers an omnichannel experience by assisting customers over a wide range of digital platforms or channels.


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Haptik’s AI chatbot solutions are omnichannel and can be used by businesses to engage customers on platforms of their choice. Our cognitive AI solutions can also be integrated into any existing CRM platform, including Salesforce, Oracle, Zendesk, and Microsoft Dynamics.

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Final Thoughts

Given the vast potential for the use of Chatbots in the BFSI sector, what we’ve seen above is only an overview of Fintech Chatbots, their benefits in the financial sectors, and what value Haptik’s Fintech Chatbot adds to the financial service experience. With these AI-powered Intelligent Virtual Assistants becoming increasingly ubiquitous, it is only a matter of time before conversational interfaces become a key component of every financial services brand.

We at Haptik, are no longer teaching customers how to communicate with systems, we are teaching the systems to communicate with our customers.

Our slogan is “Build Once - Deploy Anywhere