AI-Powered Chatbots

For The Win

More than just chat, build real relationships with your customers with the power of Conversational AI


 Upgrade your Customer Support from just Live Chat

to AI-powered Experiences

Power conversations that ignite user engagement, provide on-demand support and enhance customer experiences across messaging channels that your users already use.

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Replace long wait-times with instant support

Diminish hours of wait time and never leave a customer waiting again.  With AI-powered chatbots, you can go beyond traditional live chat and provide on-demand 24/7/365 support for your customers.

  • Improve FRT and resolution time
  • Accurately detect user intent and drive contextual conversations using AI
  • Enable self-serve support and automate repetitive queries seamlessly
  • Qualify leads, book meetings, and generate a sales pipeline

Engage with customers on the messaging channels they prefer

Reach customers on messaging platforms they use. Build Google Business Messenger Chatbots, Website Chat Bots, Facebook Messenger Bots at scale.

  • Exceed customer expectations across channels
  • Two-way conversations that are natural, personalized, and contextual 
  • Higher customer satisfaction

Start conversations with your customers before they reach you

Use AI-Chatbots for proactive messaging based on user, behavior, purchase history, page views, actions, and other conditions. 

  • Onboard users with insights and helpful tips within the product itself
  • Send notifications about announcements, sales, offers, discounts, and more
  • Intelligent bot prompts to contextually nudge users based on their purchase journey

Friction-free AI to Agent Handoff

Seamlessly integrate Haptik’s AI-Chatbot with your Live Agent Chat provider to offer friction-free customer support.

  • Seamless AI to Agent handoff in real-time
  • Auto-assign agents based on pre-defined triggers, filters, chat load, and keywords.
  • Integrations with industry-leading CRM tools and systems of record platforms that you already use.

Convert browsing sessions into conversions

Transform your customer experience strategy from cost to a revenue hub. Unlock new revenue streams from existing and new customers through contextual up-sell and cross-sell. Enable your users to process upgrades, make payments, change plans on their own.

  • Provide buying guidance & personalized recommendations.
  • Improve average order value with targeted cross-selling and contextual up-selling
  • Answer deep product queries and FAQs.

Here's Why Haptik is Disrupting the World of AI-driven Experiences




Saved in annual operations costs for the world's 3rd largest Telcom provider.



Increase in add-to-carts for a leading eCommerce brand



Queries answered without a human agent for the Government of India.

Accelerate Your Conversational Journey with Smart Skills

Use our comprehensive library of Chatbot templates derived from key learnings & best practices to seamlessly design AI-Chatbots, custom-made for your industry.

Retail (1)


Everything from order tracking, shipping, exchange,  refunds, cancellations, recommendations, and more. 

Financial Lending

Financial Lending

Seamlessly deploy modular smart skills for common use cases such as account statement, balance check, application status, & more.



Import Smart-skills pre-trained on 1500+ intents ranging from bill payment, network issues, offers & coupons, balance check and more.



Tried & tested Smart Skills to automate common businesses use cases such as calculate premium, file a claim, buy/cancel policy, and lots more. 

DTH (3)


Build conversational experiences with pre-trained, re-usable, business-specific skills for device details, plan upgrades, and more.