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Haptik’s Intelligent Virtual Assistant has been very beneficial for us in terms of automating user engagement and regular support. We’ve been able to seamlessly manage surges in user queries. Haptik’s automation features and powerful recommendations have improved our first response time and successful query resolution, without compromising on CSAT scores. Overall, this has improved our user communication and customers are happy.”

 – Karan Avasthi, Sr Vice President – Growth at Embibe


Embibe is the world’s foremost AI-powered platform for truly personalized learning & score improvement for any goal. We believe every student deserves a personalized learning experience along with the right guidance at the right time to fulfill their potential. Using AI & our proprietary Knowledge Graph, Embibe can pinpoint and remedy specific weaknesses for every learner across holistic criteria including knowledge, skills & behavior. Students, parents, and educators collaborate and work together on our platform to ensure that performance matches potential for every child irrespective of their level of access, ability, or exposure.

Business Goals

  • Improve on-site user engagement and improve registrations & signups
  • Provide students a chat-first experience to learn more about Embibe’s offerings
  • Guide students by seamlessly connecting them to mentors
  • Handle the spike of user queries during COVID-19 and facilitate omnichannel engagement


Haptik worked with Embibe to build an IVA that helps with:

  • Educating students about Embibe’s offerings and improved registrations
  • Responding to FAQs for the exams that got postponed due to Covid-19
  • Sharing personalized recommendations based on students’ requirements
  • Added business-specific canned responses for mentors and brought down resolution time from 1 hour to 4 mins
  • Promoting exams and downtimes through the customized bot prompt feature

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