Deliver Engaging Shopping Experiences with Conversational Commerce

Conversational commerce sales and marketing solutions maximize user interactions to drive higher conversions and better customer experiences.

With over a billion conversations, hundreds of eCommerce clients, and just about every eCommerce process workflow already built, tried, and tested. With Haptik you can trust you'll be in good hands while getting up and running in less time than you probably imagine.

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Improve Your eCommerce Initiatives Quickly and Cost Effectively

Stand out in the saturated market of eCommerce with websites that can converse with your customers. Capture user details as part of the conversation and answer all of their in-the-moment queries to generate leads instantly.

Capitalize on users' initial attention with Click-to-message call to actions.

Provide dynamic shopping experiences with two-way communication.

Increase your return on ad spent (ROAS) on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram.

Personalized buying guidance

Move past having just a ‘search’ button on your website and equip your users to discover the right products faster with Conversational Commerce. Haptik’s Conversational Commerce chatbot understands user requirements and preferences by asking users the right questions in the most conversational and non-intrusive way. 

  • Share personalized recommendations based on pricing budget, color, type, and other preferences
  • Offer buying guidance with tips and useful information to help users to make the right choice

Ready-to-use eCommerce Workflows

Provide an exceptional shopping experience to all your buyers with our pre-trained, ready-to-deploy eCommerce workflows that we call Smart Skills. With Haptik's ready-to-use eCommerce Solution, brands can save time without requiring to build their bot from scratch.

  • Pre-built conversation flows for order tracking, replacement, product recommendation, and returns.
  • Easily discover top intents with our Intent discovery tool to find the correct use cases for your brand.
  • eCommerce AI models with domain-specific intelligence to accurately comprehend the user's intent and offer contextual recommendations & assistance.
Smart Skills - GIF
Smart Skills - GIF

Increase average order value

Based on what your customers generally purchase together and which product combinations have been positively reviewed by users in the past, suggest the right add-ons at the right time. This not only increases average cart value but also leads to greater user delight. 

  • Contextual recommendations based on past purchases & user reviews
  • Drive repeat purchases & higher customer loyalty

Influence buying decisions with insights

Understand the user’s motive and concerns and share in-depth insight about what they’re looking for. Our Conversational Commerce stack enables businesses to offer important insights that will aid users in their purchase decision.

  • Seamlessly offer help in product-level queries
  • Create custom conversation funnels to track bot effectiveness by monitoring completion rates, drop-off points, etc

Powerful Social Media Chatbot Integration

Social media has changed the way people communicate. 74% of Millennials prefer brands that respond to their social media inquiries instantly. Give your customers high-touch, personalized experiences they expect, all within the social channels they already use & love.

  • Proactively engage with users, offer real-time personalized 24/7 support and equip an end-to-end commerce experience directly in WhatsApp chatbot.
  • Respond to DMs faster, show your latest products, promote offers & improve conversions with an Instagram Chatbot.
  • Pre-empt user needs, accelerate product sales, deliver instant support, generate leads, and drive engagement using a Facebook Chatbot.
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Conversational AI Can Help You
Achieve Your eCommerce Goals Effectively


Artificial intelligence and machine learning can streamline and simplify the end-to-end process while delivering an improved consumer experience. Conversational AI, more popularly known as chatbots, can help you make the process more efficient, increase customer engagement and reduce risk.

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