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Partnering with Haptik has helped us revolutionize our customer experience and brought us closer to our goal of serving our customers in the most hassle-free safe & transparent way. What I really love about Haptik is that it sees the relationship with the customer as an ongoing conversation – not a stack of queries. I think the results we’ve seen to date speak volumes about how Haptik has helped us remain a tight-knit team and engage with users at the right time to drive sales & conversions.

Chetana Kotian, Project Manager at Eureka Forbes Ltd

Founded in 1982, Eureka Forbes Limited is a multi-product, multi-channel organization and India’s leading health and hygiene brand serving 20+ million happy customers. In addition to being Asia’s largest direct sales force, it has retail, institutional, and eCommerce channels, an inventive franchise business partner network, a rural channel, and one of India’s most expansive service networks. It has now successfully covered over 35 countries and reached 1500+ cities and towns. Eureka Forbes has been a pioneer and trendsetter in direct sales in India and is one of the largest direct-selling companies in Asia today. Nearly four decades of bringing happy, healthy, safe, and pollution-free living to customers.


Over the years, Eureka Forbes has become synonymous with water purifying in India. However, during the COVID-19 outbreak, the demand & importance of safe water, hygiene, and sanitation increased, resulting in higher customer inquiries. 

To keep up with the rising customer demands it became imperative for Eureka Forbes to adopt a faster and more modern approach to customer service. They partnered with Haptik to:

  1. Deliver on-demand customer support, improve query resolution and grow customer engagement using AI & ML
  3. To reduce First-response time and deliver personalized & faster query resolution, thereby driving higher customer satisfaction
  5. Reduce call-center dependencies and save costs
  7. An AI-powered chatbot solution with powerful ML & NLU to deliver accuracy & precision 
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To achieve  their larger goals of providing a highly efficient user experience and customer service, Eureka Forbes partnered with Haptik to build their WhatsApp Chatbot

  1. Delivering 24/7 customer support and diving efficiency in customer service & sales operations
  3. Accurately comprehending customer intent, gathering requirements, and delivering contextual support and personalized query resolution, at scale
  5. Significantly reduces customer wait times
  7. Seamlessly transfers high-risk, complex customer issues to live agents, thereby reducing customer churn, ensuring timely query resolution while delivering a consistent brand experience
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