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Haptik is a key partner for Hathway because they are driving real innovation in Conversational AI. Their  AI platform is transforming the way we think about fostering meaningful digital interactions and customer engagement. With Haptik we were able to bring speed and efficiency to our customers, improve customer communication and deliver the state-of-the-art digital experiences that achieve impactful results.

— Anil Jhamb, Chief Customer Service Officer, Hathway


Hathway Cable and Datacom Limited “Hathway” part of Reliance Industries, is one of India’s leading cable broadband and cable television service provider. Hathway offers high-speed cable broadband services across 20 cities and cable television services across 200 cities and towns. Hathway is one of the three major cable distributors in India. Hathway has around 6.58 million subscribers, of which around 1.08 million currently have broadband internet available. 

In the Datacom & DTH industry, competition is fierce. Customer acquisition is getting increasingly expensive and customer retention is paramount for brands to stay ahead of the curve.

Hathway is focused on providing the best possible experiences for its 11M+ subscribers and constantly strives to empower its users with best-in-class support. The advent of COVID-19 accelerated the move to ‘Work from Home’, subsequently causing a shift in customer expectations. More and more customers started raising queries, complaints, and requests on Hathway’s digital platforms such as App, Selfcare & Website.

The tickets logged through these channels had to be further analyzed by their support team and were then routed to call-center agents, resulting in slower response times, delayed resolution, and higher costs. 

With the goal of addressing queries received through digital channels, Hathway wanted to build an AI-powered chatbot for the App, Self Care, Website, and WhatsApp portals, which would essentially help with:

Fixing long wait times and ensuring tickets get assigned faster to relevant teams

Delivering instant resolution for non-network related low-touch queries

Providing 24/7 information for FAQs such as Renewals, Plan Change, Relocation of connection etc.

Generating leads and building a sales pipeline

Lowering call center dependencies



With the goal of driving faster customer responses, and substantially enhancing customer service, Hathway partnered with Haptik to build DIVA, an intelligent & interactive virtual assistant which was deployed on the App, Selfcare, Website, and WhatsApp.

Essentially, DIVA helps with: 

Offering instant resolution to queries such as poor internet connectivity, slow internet speed, and other WiFi-related queries

Automatically creating tickets for unresolved issues

Offering on-demand support for tasks such as requesting invoices, getting payment receipts, updating GSTN, etc.

Sharing offers and promotions to existing users

Capturing leads and building a robust sales pipeline

Renewal of customer accounts through integration with payment gateways

AI-powered recommendations to help users choose the best-suited plan based on their requirements


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