How Pepperfry Partnered with Haptik to Improve CSAT


As a prominent online marketplace for furniture and home decor in India, Pepperfry has seen impressive year-on-year growth, with its customer base increasing by 5x. However, the company recognized that its existing helpline number and email support services were unable to meet the growing demand for instant query resolution and customer support. To address this challenge, Pepperfry collaborated with Haptik to develop an AI-powered chatbot that would help reduce wait times and improve query resolution for customers.

Conversations Handled
Agent Handover

Top Quote Haptik helps us fulfill our customer needs in a way that’s immediate, effective, and still feels friendly. After implementing ‘Pep’, we have been able to support our customers at any time of the day, delivering instant support for a wide range of customer queries. Bottom Quote

Ketan Kahandal
Ketan Kahandal

Assistant Manager, Pepperfry

Challenge at Hand

Rising customer expectations was a challenge for's existing helpline number and email service, as they failed to provide immediate query resolution and customer support. Moreover, the increase in customer queries amplified the reliance on call centers, resulting in higher costs.


  • Support for even low-touch, basic queries experienced a delay.

  • Offering 24/7 information was also a challenge that needed resolution.

  • The aim was to alleviate the dependency on call center and reduce long wait times.

How Haptik Offered a Solution and Haptik collaborated to create PEP, an Intelligent Virtual Assistant, with the aim of providing faster customer responses and significantly improving customer experience. PEP was subsequently launched on Pepperfry's website, Android, and iOS. 


  • PEP was purposed to provide immediate solutions to recurring inquiries such as order tracking, cancellation, refund status, invoice request, and more.

  • There is a provision for auto-ticket creation if the user requests for call-back service.

  • The bot also promotes active offers, discounts, sales, etc.

Website & App
Customer Engagement

Top Quote We’re very focused on the experience of our customers and Haptik helps us make shopping and post-shopping support as stress-free and easy as possible for our customers. Bottom Quote

Ketan Kahandal
Ketan Kahandal

Assistant Manager, Pepperfry

Results sought a more streamlined method of customer engagement while also decreasing call center volume. To meet this objective, Haptik developed a chatbot to address low-touch, straightforward queries and elevate customer experience. This new initiative allowed for round-the-clock support and prompt responses to customer inquiries, exceeding regular business hours and ultimately resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction.