Deliver Omnichannel Messaging with AI Chatbots

Meet customers where they are today. Power conversations that increase user engagement, drive transactions, and provide on-demand support across messaging channels with Haptik's Intelligent Virtual Assistants aka AI Chatbots.


Convert browsing sessions into conversions

Transform your customer experience strategy from cost to a revenue hub with Haptik's AI Chatbot. Unlock new revenue streams from existing and new customers through contextual up-sell and cross-sell. Enable your users to process upgrades, make payments, and change plans on their own.

  • Provide buying guidance & personalized recommendations.
  • Improve average order value with targeted cross-selling and contextual up-selling
  • Answer deep product queries and FAQs.

Avoid long waiting times

Use AI Chatbots to automate customer conversations on channels like Web, App, WhatsApp, Instagram & Facebook. Reduce dependency on agents for simple queries that can easily be automated using Natural Language Understanding (NLU). 

  • Understand user intent accurately and drive contextual conversations using AI Chatbots
  • Enable self-serve support and automate repetitive queries
  • Improve First Response and Resolution times

Start conversations with your customers before they reach you

Run targeted messaging campaigns based on user behavior, purchase history, pageviews, actions, and other conditions. 

Onboard users with insights and helpful tips within the product itself

Send notifications
about announcements, sales, offers, discounts, and more

Intelligent bot prompts to contextually engage users based on their purchase journey


Friction-free AI to agent handoff

Seamlessly integrate Haptik’s AI-Chatbot with your Live Agent Chat provider to offer friction-free customer support.

  • Seamless AI to Agent handoff in real-time
  • Auto-assign agents based on pre-defined triggers, filters, chat load, and keywords.
  • Integrations with industry-leading CRM tools and systems of record platforms that you already use.
Agent Handoff-1
Agent Handoff-1

Build AI Chatbots on popular messaging apps

Social media has changed the way people communicate. 74% of Millennials prefer brands that respond to their social media inquiries instantly. Give your customers high-touch, personalized experiences they expect, all within the social channels they already use & love.

Proactively engage with users, offer real-time support and equip an end-to-end commerce experience directly on WhatsApp, improving sales & conversions using Haptik’s WhatsApp chatbot.

Respond to DMs faster, showcase your latest products, promote offers & improve conversions with an Instagram Chatbot

Pre-empt user needs, accelerate product sales, deliver instant support, generate leads, and drive engagement using a Facebook Chatbot


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