Boost Sales & Drive Better CX with Conversational AI

Haptik uses Conversational AI Chatbots to offer users the right support at the right time to guide them to the right product, driving enhanced CX and improved conversions.

An e-commerce Chatbot is an Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) powered with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities. It is designed to transform the digital shopping experience for customers while increasing revenue and reducing costs for e-commerce businesses.

With in-built NLU (Natural Language Understanding) models, these chatbots enable e-commerce brands to convert visitors into paying customers and consistently provide 24/7 assistance to them.

Experience AI-Driven Commerce

Haptik helps you implement a 24/7 AI-driven recommendation engine that serves as your users’ personal shopping expert.

Offer greater engagement across every stage of the buyer’s journey while improving add-to-carts, maximizing digital sales, and an ever-increasing base of loyal customers.



Enable users to find exactly what they’re looking for within minutes and reduce product discovery time by 70%



Share personalized recommendations based on intent & purchase patterns, and increase add-to-carts by 43%


Enable faster checkout with seamless payment integrations within chat to reduce user drop-offs & cart abandonment

Quick Support

Quick support

Offer on-demand support for post-purchase interaction to improve customer loyalty and grow CSAT by 40%



Drive repeat customers and grow engagement with intent-based notifications, add-on recommendations & more

Personalized buying guidance

Move past having just a ‘search’ button on your website and equip your users to discover the right products faster with Conversational Commerce. Haptik’s Conversational Commerce chatbot understands user requirements and preferences by asking users the right questions in the most conversational and non-intrusive way. 

  • Share personalized recommendations based on pricing budget, color, type, and other preferences
  • Offer buying guidance with tips and useful information to help users to make the right choice
  • Instill confidence in the conversation by showcasing user validated reviews to strengthen purchase decision

Powerful AI-driven recommendations

Our AI-driven, intent-based recommendation engine helps you automatically match user requirements with your product catalog, descriptions, customer reviews, and other historical data to offer relevant buying guidance and increase conversions.

  • Automatically ingests your entire product catalog and shares custom recommendations
  • Quick & precise context switching & retention for tailored recommendations
  • Contextual spell-check module to combat spelling mistakes and deliver precise and accurate suggestions

Increase average order value

Based on what your customers generally purchase together and which product combinations have been positively reviewed by users in the past, suggest the right add-ons at the right time. This not only increases average cart value but also leads to greater user delight. 

  • Contextual recommendations based on past purchases & user reviews
  • Relevant & timely add-on suggestions
  • Drive repeat purchases & higher customer loyalty

Influence buying decision with insights

Understand the user’s motive and concerns and share in-depth insight about what they’re looking for. Our Conversational Commerce stack enables businesses to offer important insights that will aid users in their purchase decision.

  • Seamlessly offer help in product-level queries
  • Showcase smart infographics for better decision making
  • Eliminate user indecision & accelerate checkout
  • Seamless payment integrations allowing users to transact directly via chat, reducing cart abandonment, and ensuring purchase is completed hassle-free

Pre-trained, Modular Blueprints for your Industry

Build a solid sales pipeline and improve call back requests by choosing from our assortment of 100+ pre-trained, tried & tested Smart Skills, purpose-built to help you automate complex contextual business use cases. 

  • Growing eCommerce brand improved lead generation by 317% 

  • Leading Insurance provider increased user engagement by 500%

  • Enables brands to swiftly handle routine tasks and improve call back requests.

  • Empowers companies to go messaging-first with minimal coding and zero external dependencies. 

We currently have 100+ Smart skills for eCommerce, Telcom, Retail, Financial Services, Insurance & Travel.

Provide Post Purchase Customer Care

Chat-based customer care across Web, App & Messaging using a hybrid AI and live agent system.

  • Never leave a customer waiting again
  • Natural Language Understanding capabilities
  • Auto routing of complex queires to Live Agents