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Partnering with Haptik has helped us revolutionize our customer experience and brought us closer to our goal of serving our customers in the most hassle-free safe & transparent way. What I really love about Haptik is that it sees the relationship with the customer as an ongoing conversation – not a stack of queries. I think the results we’ve seen to date speak volumes to how Haptik has helped us remain a tight-knit team and engage with users at the right time to drive sales & conversions.

Hitesh Sharma, Senior Manager - Buyer Growth, CARS24


CARS24 is a tech-first organization, looking to make inroads into the global auto-tech market in groundbreaking ways. The brand is transforming the used-vehicle market into a streamlined tech-driven one, with intuitive discovery mechanisms, collaborations with partners, and constant innovation. Cars24 brings the next-gen approach to the pre-owned automobile industry. Cars 24 kickstarted their journey in 2015 and in the past 6 years, the brand has over 200 branches across India covering 182 cities. They are also launching BIKES24 and expanding to newer markets such as UAE, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, and more.


Predominantly, selling and buying pre-owned cars is a tedious process that comes armed with a plethora of questions by prospects and users around the type of car, brand, usability, price comparison, mileage, and lots more. Built for the modern world, CARS24 is at the forefront of transforming the way customers buy and sell cars by providing a unique end-to-end digital shopping and transaction experience. 

With the change in consumer habits resulting from Covid-19, Cars24 saw a whopping 200% increase in support volumes. More and more people were showing interest in used car sales as people wanted to avoid mass transportation and were getting more sensitive to auto cost in the recession. 

With an average monthly traffic of 13 million and over 4 lakh transactions, Cars 24 started looking for a more proactive, self-serve, and robust solution that would help them:

  • Handling large volumes of repetitive support queries such as getting car valuation 
  • Reducing wait time for customers asking queries from minutes to seconds
  • Improving average query resolution time to drive better customer satisfaction
  • Answering FAQs such as rescheduling appointments, payment-related queries, etc. 


With the goal of engaging with users at the right time, driving faster customer responses, and bringing in a live agent to support user queries efficiently,  Cars24 partnered with Haptik to build an Intelligent Virtual Assistant which was deployed on their App and WhatsApp.

Using the virtual assistant Cars24 users can:

  • Seamlessly get their car valuation by chatting with the virtual assistant
  • Get instant responses to FAQs such as how to sell cars using Cars24, book/reschedule appointments, payment issues, raise complaints, etc.
  • Cars24 can also convert user conversations into leads by collecting basic user information such as name, contact number, email and passing it on to their sales agents
  • Cars24 can handle large volumes of support queries via automation and route chats to agents only when necessary

What's next?

Cars24 will soon be deploying more use cases with in-built dynamic journeys aimed at refining car search and helping users discover the right cars using AI recommendations. The uber goal is to equip Cars24 to engage with users through the entire customer journey from the first touchpoint to checkout and post-purchase support. 


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