Haptik Integrates with Google's Business Messages

Provide 24*7 support, improve first response time, and drive contextual conversations that convert with the combined power of Google's Business Messages and Haptik.

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Meet customers where they are!

Interact with your users on the channels they're already using - Google Search & Google Maps.

75% Customers prefer messaging brands directly v/s traditional engagement.
35% of product searches happen on Google.
42% of mobile-driven brand interactions involve Google search.

Introducing Google’s Business Messages

Customer expectations are on the rise. They want answers, and they want them fast! 

Google’s Business Messages eliminates the friction of calls, emails, and app downloads and empowers users to get in touch with businesses directly via messaging from mobile entry points such as Google Maps and Search. 

  • 92% of worldwide search traffic uses Google.
  • #1 search channel with 70% market share.
  • Native messaging experience across Android devices.
  • Engage at the very start of the user journey with messaging.
  • Rich features such as carousels, quick replies, photos, and more.
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 Google's Business Messages + Haptik

It is 2020. Messaging has evolved as the undefeated champion of communication channels. Google has opened doors with Business Messages. Is your new marketing strategy in line with the new reality?

On-demand Support on the #1 Search Engine

Automate 80% of routine user queries and build customer trust by responding to customers and prospects in real-time using an Intelligent Virtual Assistant atop Google’s Business Messages. 

  • 24*7*365 support 
  • No app downloaded/login required
  • Quick accurate responses to basic queries

Higher User Engagement with Richer Conversations

Give users a direct channel to communicate with your brand using rich features such as carousels, quick replies, and photos. Speak in the language of your customers and prospects by deploying a multilingual chatbot and deliver delightful experiences without any barriers.

  • Go live with 100+ languages.
  • Custom glossary to accurately understand domain-specific terms.
  • Native modules for entity recognition.
  • In-built text clean-up layer.

Replace Calling with Conversations

Don’t keep your customers waiting and improve first response time by deploying an Intelligent Virtual Assistant on Business Messages. Reduce call center volumes and reduce email support tickets by deflecting them to messaging, thereby saving costs

  • Drop call center engagements
  • Reduce customer wait times
  • Save costs

Expand Your Reach with Google’s Business Messages

Haptik is part of Google’s program for Business Messages, enabling us to grow with the technology.

  • Get early access to innovative features
  • Be amongst the first to provide your customers with a rich messaging experience using carousels, quick replies, images, and more
  • Directly talk to your users right at the beginning of their journey through Google Search & Google Maps.

Convert Discovery Into Conversions

Engage with prospects and existing customers in real-time and expand conversations to qualify & collect leads.  

  • Drive loyalty
  • Share product recommendations and assist in making a purchase
  • Schedule an appointment, make reservations, up-sell, cross-sell, and do lots more!

Seamless AI to Agent Handoff

Leverage the combined power of AI and human intervention. Provide Live Agent Assistance by Integrating Google Business Message with Haptik’s Live Agent Tool.

  • Identify real-time chat disposition trends.
  • Chat assignment & priority routing to reduce wait time for end-users.
  • Send rich media messages and smart actions.
  • 360-degree view of user details, purchase history, entire inventory, and actions on chat.