More types of WhatsApp Messages: Building better customer relationships

More types of WhatsApp Messages

We are excited to announce that WhatsApp will now support more types of messages people opt-in to receive to build better and stronger relationships with customers. This means that your brand can proactively send additional information to your customers and drive high-quality conversations across the customer journey. 

Let’s see how. 

In the coming weeks, customer-obsessed brands are going to use this capability as a critical component in elevating their Marketing and Customer Experience strategies by addressing new use-cases via WhatsApp like -

  • Product recommendations based on user’s previous purchases

  • Sending helpful informational alerts like Product back-in-stock messages 

  • Informing customers about upcoming offers & discounts during events like Dhanteras, Diwali Sale, online sales season from October to December

  • Proactively tracking order statuses

  • Bringing back abandoned cart users by sharing product images and personalized messages

  • Sharing weekly or monthly newsletters 

And for multiple other touchpoints in the customer value chain.

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At Haptik, we have implemented these new types of messages for one of our biggest customers in eCommerce: Jiomart. Here’s a quick glimpse of how Jiomart is driving better conversations and increasing the transaction value with their customers with the latest capability: 



Benefits of WhatsApp’s other types of Messages

The way customers and brands interact with each other are now more varied yet personalized than ever.  With WhatsApp being one of the most popular messaging channels that customers use daily, brands can now build personalized relationships by high-quality messages that incorporate three basic principles: 

  • They are expected: Customers have opted-in to receive WhatsApp messages from the brand

  • They are timely: Customers are receiving time-bound messages like seasonal offers, product in stock messages 

  • They are relevant: Customers get a personalized message that is based on their interests 

To further ensure the high quality of customer experience on WhatsApp, brands can track their Quality Rating. The quality rating serves as the benchmark to evaluate the value of outreach to customers driven by the Expected-Timely-Relevant (ETR) principles.  

Get in touch with us to know how you can consistently improve the quality of your WhatsApp channel by following few best practices.  

How does it work? 

Sending WhatsApp Messages is easy and simple within 3 steps: 

  1. Setup your WhatsApp Business Account and get opt-ins from your customers for the type of information you want to send  

  2. Experiment and create personalized template messages that will drive better conversations with your users 

  3. Get the templates approved within the next few hours to schedule your campaign 

Pretty straightforward, right? Leading us to the last question: 

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Why should your brand send additional information on WhatsApp? 

  • Proactive engagement to acquire new customers 

  • Increase conversion rates 

  • Reviving inactive users and increase customer retention 

  • Reduce Customer Acquisition costs 

  • And increase average revenue per customer

If these metrics and goals resonate with your business, get in touch with us today to see how WhatsApp can enhance your CX strategy and get ahead of your competition.


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