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Supercharge your marketing strategies with hyper-targeted WhatsApp campaigns delivered at lightning-fast speed. Reach millions of customers instantly, boost conversions, and slash your acquisition costs.


Drive Engagement at Every Stage

  • circle-check Send personalized offers and discounts, cart abandonment reminders to win your users’ attention and increase engagement.
  • circle-check Optimize campaign effectiveness through audience segmentation based on customer attributes and events. Deliver immersive campaigns that captivate your audience using a wide range of rich media
  • circle-check Build trust with your customers by sharing timely order updates, add on suggestions, cancellation, refund requests and more.
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Enhance Messaging Impact with GPT-powered Notifications

  • circle-check Leverage the Haptik platform to effortlessly create customized notification templates using ChatGPT.
  • circle-check Our GPT-powered template generator shares only WhatsApp-approved templates, eliminating the risk of rejections and ensuring a seamless experience for your notifications.
  • circle-check Measure campaign performance, read rate, response & resolution times of your agents to improve your customer experience.
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Offer On-demand Live Agent Support

  • circle-check Provide exceptional customer support on WhatsApp through Haptik, where live agent chat teams can seamlessly collaborate in managing incoming chats.
  • circle-check Effortlessly manage your contacts and chats with intelligent cards, labels, tags, and private notes for easy access and organization.
  • circle-check Enhance customer engagement by strategically featuring a WhatsApp chat button on your website.
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Why Should You Choose Haptik?


GPT-Trained Chatbots

Leverage Haptik’s GPT-trained chatbots that are easy to train and deliver highly accurate results to engage in human-like conversations.



Stay ahead of the competition and get early access to new features to unlock revenue by partnering with the largest WhatsApp BSP.


End-to-End Commerce Capabilities

Get access to Haptik end-to-end commerce capabilities. Send tailored recommendations to users at the right time in their buying journey and boost your conversion rates.



Go beyond surface-level data & glean deeper insights using intelligent analytics to achieve higher ROI and offer superior customer experience.

Take Your WhatsApp Marketing to the Next Level

Boost your WhatsApp marketing efforts with Haptik's GPT-powered features

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Leverage GPT to create high-converting WhatsApp campaigns personalized to your brand voice, goals, demographics, & more, complete with confidence scores for seamless Meta approval. Template-Creator-3-5

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Showcase products and services to potential buyers in visually-rich form and drive increased conversions and sales. whatsapp-product-catalog

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Empower your agents to manage high volumes of incoming queries while reducing resolution times through a single WhatsApp team inbox. live-agent-support-wa-enterprise

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Boost your customer acquisition with engaging Click-to-WhatsApp ads that increase conversion rates while optimizing ad costs. click-to-whatsapp-ads

Why Haptik

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  • circle-checkExperience with Scale: Count on Haptik's expertise in managing massive scale. We successfully delivered over 500 million notifications for a single customer in just 1 month.
  • circle-checkGPT-first Product: Achieve lightning-fast time to value with GPT-powered WhatsApp product built by Haptik, an OpenAI partner.
  • circle-checkLeader in WhatsApp: Stay one step ahead in the WhatsApp landscape by partnering with Haptik and enjoying exclusive early access to upcoming features.

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