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Internship Experience Of An iOS Engineer

As an engineering student, a challenging internship is really important so as to get real-world experience & luckily I got a chance to work at Haptik. In this article, I’ll be sharing my internship experience at Haptik and why it is one of the best places to be an intern. I joined Haptik as an iOS Engineer Intern and worked in the iOS SDK team.


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Open Sourcing Chatbot Ner


Evolution of automated messaging, which started in 1966 with first Chatbot, ELIZA, has now reached a stage where Chatbots have found their application in several industry domains like personal assistance, banking, e-commerce, healthcare, etc. With early experiments showing positive results for many enterprises, the need for building customized and domain focused Chatbots for specific applications is increasing exponentially.


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Datagiri Meetup: Machine Learning Event Roundup

Last Saturday, 17th June, we hosted a meet-up of Data-Scientists in collaboration with DataGiri at the 91Springboard Andheri office in Mumbai. Through this event, we got an opportunity to demonstrate and give our audience a hands-on experience of one of the machine learning modules underlying Haptik’s chatbots.

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