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Jio Health Hub is a mobile app that empowers users worldwide to take control of their health and care for the ones they love. Owned by Reliance Jio, Jio Health works with leading physicians and healthcare organizations to engage patients and improve care through cutting-edge technology.  Users can take diagnostic tests, avail doctor consultations, book health check-ups, get weight management, diet, and nutrition consultation, get medical reports, and lots more by using the app. 

Business Goals

The Jio Health app enables users to manage their chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension while sharing their health progress with their family, friends, and care providers. The Jio Health team was looking for innovative ways to engage with users, improve registrations and provide real-time support on newer channels, and decided to explore WhatsApp as a platform to interact with customers.
  • Acquire users via WhatsApp and drive traffic to the Jio Health App
  • Improve registrations using WhatsApp
  • Provide support to enable users to navigate the Jio Health App


With the aim of improving user engagement and making support omnichannel, Jio Health Hub partnered with Haptik to build a Whatsapp Virtual Assistant called ‘JIVA’. Jiva serves as a health companion and caters to Jio Health Hub users in real-time. Using ‘JIVA’ users can:

  • Register directly via WhatsApp using a QR code
  • Book appointments for doctor consultations, lab tests, and health checkups.
  • Get instant assistance with queries about COVID-19 
  • Conduct self-assessment for COVID-19 by generating COVID-19 passes

With the immense traction garnered for  ‘JIVA’,  the brand also launched a Hindi version of the assistant to cater to vernacular users and improve the overall engagement. 




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