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Jio Health Hub, a product by Reliance Jio, is a health app offering a variety of health services, from India's leading healthcare providers.  The app works with leading physicians and healthcare organizations to engage patients and improve care through cutting-edge technology.

Jio Health Hub allows users to book diagnostic tests, receive online consultation, download reports and health information for easy reference.

Business Goals

In a diverse country like India, language was an avoidable barrier. Jio was looking at providing services and information in a language that would be preferred by the customers across the country.
WhatsApp is the most widely messaging app in India, popular both in urban and rural India. Its easy-to-use interface makes information dissemination easy and preferred.
The Jio Health team was looking for innovative ways to engage with users, improve registrations and provide real-time support on newer channels, and decided to explore WhatsApp as a platform to interact with customers.
  • Offer information and support in preferred languages
  • Acquire users via WhatsApp and drive traffic to the Jio Health App
  • Boost registrations using WhatsApp
  • Provide support to enable better navigation on the Jio Health App


With the aim of improving user engagement and making support omnichannel, Jio Health Hub partnered with Haptik to build a Whatsapp Virtual Assistant called ‘JIVA’. Jiva serves as a health companion and caters to Jio Health Hub users in real-time. Using ‘JIVA’ users can:

  • Schedule doctor appointments
  • Check and update medical records
  • Chat with a live agent
  • Book Covid-19 vaccination appointments
  • Upload and download COVID Health Certificates

  • With the immense traction garnered for  ‘JIVA’,  the brand also launched a Hindi version of the assistant to cater to vernacular users and improve the overall engagement. 




Key Use Cases

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Business Impact Within 3 Months


Growth in unique users


Queries handled end-to-end by the IVA


Success rate for COVID-19 assessment and pass generation

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