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 “Our team works to share safe abortion information with women around the world. With Haptik, we've been able to significantly scale up our user interaction. The Haptik team worked closely with us to make sure that our bot interface was intuitive, positive, warm, and reliable- all characteristics that are essential to providing abortion care on a global scale. Now that we offer automated chat services through Haptik, we are able to share critical health information with a significantly larger audience of users. 

 – Spokesperson at How to use.

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HowToUse is an online community run by dedicated individuals who believe that all women, regardless of where they live, should have access to a safe abortion option.

HowToUse works to share facts and resources about the abortion pill - what to consider beforehand, where to acquire quality abortion pills, how to use them safely, what to expect, and when to seek medical help if necessary. They exist to equip women with the information they need to safely navigate abortion on their own terms.

Business Goals

  • Break the stigma around the issue of abortion for women across the world.
  • Provide a 24*7 dedicated and anonymous channel to respond to queries.
  • Share information related to abortion pills - how to use them, where to buy them from, safety, abortion laws, etc.  
  • Ensuring the safety & security of personal information shared by users while chatting with the virtual assistant.


How to use partnered with Haptik to build an AI-powered Chatbot, with the aim to deliver real-time support without putting users under the spotlight or causing them discomfort. The chatbot is called ‘Ally’ and it delivers 24* 7 support and empowers women to safely navigate abortion on their own terms.

  • Ally answers abortion-related questions for more than 40 countries.
  • Has In-built data and information for around 300+ questions across geographies.
  • Calculates the duration of the pregnancy in cases where the user is unsure. 
  • Makes users feel more comfortable while sharing their personal information as compared to sharing it with humans. 

With the immense traction garnered for 'Ally' the brand also launched a multilingual chatbot in Spanish, French, Hindi & Swahili to cater to vernacular users and improve the overall engagement. 



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Answering visitor queries in English, French and Hindi

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