Getting Started with WhatsApp Marketing Software


WhatsApp marketing software enables businesses to conveniently and proactively send marketing messages to prospects, customers, and subscribers via WhatsApp and use it as a top source to generate leads, boost sales, offer on-demand customer support, and achieve amplified customer retention. Utilize WhatsApp as a marketing channel to promote products & services, build brand recognition, and establish loyal customers.


Scale Multichannel Strategy

WhatsApp serves as a versatile tool, facilitating customer support and marketing. Handle orders, respond to queries, resolve issues, and execute direct messaging-based marketing campaigns.

Drive Effective Two-Way Communication

WhatsApp stands out with three essential traits: intuitive design, intelligent features, and interactivity, all of which promote effective bi-directional communication.

Interactive & Diverse Message Format

WhatsApp marketing messages allow for multimedia content, attachments, and product listings. Users can engage with the campaign via preset option buttons.

Key Features of WhatsApp Marketing Software


Automated Broadcast Messaging

Using WhatsApp marketing software, businesses can send pre-written messages to a large number of WhatsApp users at once, without manual input. This enables efficient business communication with the target audience, leading to increased customer engagement and conversions.


WhatsApp-led Business Automation

Categorize shoppers based on behavior, location, demographics, psychographics, and first-time & loyal buyers, with more personalized communication, target specific customer groups, and curate tailored campaigns to drive customer engagement and achieve marketing goals.


Robust Analytics & Reporting

Leverage Click-to-Haptik Analytics to gain valuable insights into customer behavior through one-to-one conversations. Gain a deeper understanding of data like top traffic sources, campaign performance, user journey drop-offs, and top-selling products to optimize marketing efforts & enhance engagement strategies.


Out-of-the-box Integrations

Streamline user journey by connecting with the existing systems and unifying all data across marketing, sales, support & engagement teams. The Integrations Ecosystem allows seamless integration with support & agent platforms, social channels, payment gateways & any software with APIs for an enriched CX.

How to Choose the Right WhatsApp Marketing Software: The Ultimate Checklist

Choosing the right WhatsApp marketing software is crucial for businesses looking to efficiently reach their target audience. It requires considering factors such as features, pricing, ease of use, customer support, and security. A well-suited software can help businesses create, automate, and analyze WhatsApp marketing campaigns for better results. We have created a comprehensive checklist to aid brands in choosing the best WhatsApp marketing software for optimal outcomes.


Define WhatsApp marketing goals for your business

The initial step to follow is to brainstorm your business' WhatsApp Marketing goals and accordingly choose the most suitable tool. Selecting software prior to setting goals can be detrimental. Take time to define business expectations and outcomes.


Shortlist prospective WhatsApp marketing software

To shortlist credible business service providers for WhatsApp marketing aligned with business goals, explore online product listing directories like G2, Capterra, and more. Seek references, and reviews from acquaintances and research them thoroughly before finalizing.


Assess functionalities of WhatsApp marketing tool

Research each shortlisted WhatsApp marketing software feature & functionality to ensure they align with your business goals. Book demos to assess capabilities such as WhatsApp Broadcasting, Live Chat, and Chatbot Integrations with your existing sales & marketing platforms.


Evaluate vendor's reputation and industry knowledge

Before sealing a WhatsApp Marketing software deal, conduct thorough research to assess the credibility of the would-be solution partner. Check social media presence, online reviews, and customer lists to evaluate reputation, shortcomings, and capabilities.


Prioritize smooth onboarding for optimal results

Evaluate a WhatsApp marketing service provider's post-sales onboarding experience, including  training and support for successful implementation. Assess their responsiveness to inquiries and willingness to assist with any issues for a smooth transition.


Check integration feasibility with other marketing tools

Verify if the WhatsApp marketing software integrates with other business software solutions. For instance, Haptik offers integration with popular CRM and eCommerce portals like Shopify, Salesforce, and more, to create a comprehensive ecosystem on WhatsApp.

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Proven Success Stories of WhatsApp Marketing Software with Haptik


Discover the potential of WhatsApp Marketing Software in driving lead generation, sales, and customer acquisition through Haptik's customer testimonials and case studies.



Kotak Life Insurance, a rapidly expanding company, aimed to leverage WhatsApp to offer customers personalized insurance services with comprehensive policy information, Q&A, quotes, and direct policy purchase options effortlessly.

To meet these expectations, Kotak Life Insurance partnered with Haptik and built Kaya, a Virtual Assistant, an omnichannel chat solution that boosts customer experience, generates leads, and offers 24/7 support. The platform facilitates renewal reminders, seamless payments, and claim submissions to cater to all customer segments, brokers, and agents. With Kaya, Kotak Life saw a 500x increase in user engagement.

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Eureka Forbes, a well-known water purifier brand in India, sought to modernize its customer service with an AI-powered conversational support solution to improve query resolution, enrich customer engagement, reduce response time, lower call-center dependencies, and save costs.

Eureka Forbes collaborated with Haptik to develop a WhatsApp chatbot that meets these objectives. The chatbot accurately comprehends customer intent and transfers complex issues to live agents, reducing customer churn and ensuring timely query resolution while maintaining a consistent brand experience, resulting in handling 1.5 million conversations.

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CASHe aimed to streamline the loan approval process, reduce delays by minimizing verification and document upload requirements, and utilize automated underwriting. They sought to offer customers instant credit access without the need for manual assistance while ensuring prompt and efficient responses to all leads.

CASHe and Haptik collaborated to create a conversational WhatsApp bot, offering young professionals a swift and comprehensive loan application process in just minutes. The bot authenticates users, offers on-demand assistance for queries, and provides an effective lead-generation channel for Cashe. By utilizing Haptik's Bot capabilities, WhatsApp has become one of Cashe's most effective customer acquisition channels, acquiring over 50K new customers.

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StarHub, a leading mobile network operator in Singapore, faced operational inefficiencies and poor frontline customer experience due to outdated customer support. To improve CX and NPS, they sought to provide prompt support on messaging channels like WhatsApp.

Starhub teamed with Haptik to develop an AI assistant to improve customer support and enhance CX. It answers queries across various services and offers quicker resolutions, including activating/deactivating data travel plans, troubleshooting guides, and more. The chatbot, equipped with 3000+ unique intents and 50+ pre-built journeys, helped reduce customer support wait times by nearly half, delivering a 125% improvement in NPS in under 8 months.

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Effective communication with your target audience and building strong customer relationships is crucial in today's competitive business environment. WhatsApp Marketing Software can help businesses achieve these goals by driving lead generation, sales, and customer acquisition. By selecting the right software and integrating WhatsApp into their overall marketing strategy, brands can gain a competitive edge and boost growth. With its capacity for targeted, data-driven campaigns and seamless customer experiences, WhatsApp marketing solutions can improve customer engagement, satisfaction, and conversions, delivering results that drive business success.

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