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The Haptik Open Source Challenge

As we’ve said in the past, we at Haptik are highly grateful for the open source community for the role it has played in getting us where we are, and are always looking to contribute back with work such as Pacemaker. However, while we’ll continue shipping code, we really would like others to get involved as well.

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Paying It Forward: Open Source @ Haptik

Right from early days at Haptik, when it was only Swapan and I writing code, we had this strong urge to ensure that we would contribute to the open source communities in any way we could. We had, after all, benefitted a lot from them.

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How To Make Your Android App Work With The Ok Google Command

I am a big believer in speech interfaces, and probably use them significantly more than the average person thanks to owning an Android Wear device. In fact, I’ve often tried to plug voice to text into any app I design.

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